Package Signing Keys

Please refer to the keys page for updated information about package signing keys.

SSH Host Fingerprints

The current list of known fedora hosts can be found ssh_known_hosts for information on how to use this file please refer to Community Services Infrastructure Standards, Security Policy.

It is recommended that you only trust SSH Fingerprints from this page.

Fedora Build System (Koji) CA Infrastructure

Key Purpose Identified As Fingerprint Last Updated (UTC)
Build System (koji) Fedora Project CA SHA1 Fingerprint=92:9C:BF:A0:5E:70:99:2C:2C:7A:2C:41:83:DC:09:74:E4:8F:D7:B4
MD5 Fingerprint=81:A3:96:95:E1:87:A3:8C:26:72:B5:0C:68:AE:26:E2
2008-08-22 00:00:00

The Fedora CA cert is available Here and the Certificate Revokation List Here