Fedora Package Database


The Package Database is a central repository of package information in Fedora. You will eventually be able to find and change all the metainformation about a package by searching the database. The current implementation is focused on the data that package developers and release engineers need to create packages and spin them into a distribution.

Recent packages added

Package Summary Branches
rpms/golang-github-cznic-sortutil Supplemental utilities for Go's sort package master f26 f25 f24
rpms/perl-Dist-Zilla-Config-Slicer Config::MVP::Slicer customized for Dist::Zilla master
rpms/perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-CopyFilesFromBuild Copy specific files after building for SCM inclusion master
rpms/nodejs-jschardet Character encoding auto-detection in JavaScript (port of python's chardet) master f26
rpms/python-pystray Provides system tray integration master f26 f25
modules/dhcp-server Provides the ISC DHCP server master f26
rpms/perl-Dist-Zilla-Role-PluginBundle-PluginRemover Remove plugins from a Dist::Zilla plugin bundle master
rpms/perl-Config-MVP-Slicer Extract embedded configuration from a parent configuration master
rpms/perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReversionOnRelease Bump and reversion version on release master
rpms/perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Prereqs-FromCPANfile Parse cpanfile for Dist::Zilla prerequisites master