Fedora Package Database


The Package Database is a central repository of package information in Fedora. You will eventually be able to find and change all the metainformation about a package by searching the database. The current implementation is focused on the data that package developers and release engineers need to create packages and spin them into a distribution.

Recent packages added

Package Summary Branches
rpms/erlang-lucene_parser A library for Lucene-like query syntax parsing master f24
rpms/seafile Cloud storage system master f24 f23
rpms/keycloak-httpd-client-install Tools to configure Apache HTTPD as Keycloak client master f24 f23
rpms/krita A sketching and painting program master f24 f23
rpms/photoqt A fast Qt image viewer master f24 f23
rpms/wildfly-elytron Security, Authentication, and Authorization SPIs for the WildFly project master f24
rpms/radeontop View GPU utilization of AMD/ATI Radeon devices master f24 f23 f22 epel7
rpms/gimp-layer-via-copy-cut Layer via copy/cut plug-in for GIMP master f24 f23 f22 epel7 el6
rpms/perl-Tie-Hash-ReadonlyStack Treat multiple hashes as a single hash with copy-on-write modifications master
rpms/wildfly-build-tools Wildfly build and provisioning tools master f24