Fedora Package Database


The Package Database is a central repository of package information in Fedora. You will eventually be able to find and change all the metainformation about a package by searching the database. The current implementation is focused on the data that package developers and release engineers need to create packages and spin them into a distribution.

Recent packages added

Package Summary Branches
rpms/hypre High performance matrix preconditioners master f24 f23 epel7 el6
rpms/perl-Test-Roo Composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo master
rpms/gap-pkg-float GAP access to mpfr, mpfi, mpc, fplll and cxsc master f24
rpms/opa-fmgui Intel OPA Fabric GUI master
rpms/golang-gopkg-go-check-check Rich testing extension for Go's testing package master f24 f23
rpms/perl-Specio Type constraints and coercions for Perl master f24
rpms/python-http-client HTTP REST client, simplified for Python master f24 f23
rpms/golang-github-mvo5-uboot-go Read/write uboot environment master f24 f23
rpms/bcg729 Opensource implementation of the G.729 codec master f24 f23
rpms/jclouds Concurrent API for Cloud Services master f24