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Number Product Status Description
850896 Fedora new [rfe] [metadata] smarter metadata format for quicker sync (delta/per-package/...)
850912 Fedora assigned RFE: support updateinfo
871892 Fedora assigned [tracking bug] DNF Incompatibilities with Yum
901510 Fedora new Do not let RPM play with (ch)root of the running process if DNF is used used as a library
908764 Fedora assigned RFE: Support repo-pkgs command set
909856 Fedora new [rfe] lazy mode for metadata syncing
922441 Fedora new [locking] Installing then immediately running dnf results in "Existing lock /var/run/dnf.pid: another copy is running"
963140 Fedora new [rfe] names only option for search
963343 Fedora new drop deprecated aliases
963345 Fedora new [rfe] [plugin] autoremove
966770 Fedora new DNF does not handle interrupted downloads nicely
991014 Fedora new [plugins] yum-pplugin-local
998113 Fedora new [locking] dnf makecache stuck, blocks operation
1024701 Fedora new [rfe] [plugins] auto-update-debug-info
1024773 Fedora new [rfe] [plugins] install and update systemd machine containers
1029022 Fedora modified RFE: API for reverse group operations
1032541 Fedora assigned [RFE] limiting parallel downloads in low disk space environments
1038823 Fedora new [per] dnf info dnf is slower than yum info dnf
1038824 Fedora new [perf] decompression of metadata should be down in the background
1044982 Fedora assigned [rfe] [plugin] support fssnapshot
1045078 Fedora new [rfe] repoquery
1045679 Fedora new [rfe] [plugin] yumdownloader
1047049 Fedora new distroverpkg default should be the same in dnf as in yum
1048433 Fedora new RFE --downloadonly
1048541 Fedora new [rfe] [plugins] manage local repo (yum-utils repomanage)
1048973 Fedora new [rfe] [plugins] yum-plugin-priorities
1049028 Fedora new [locking] dnf is not blocking
1051869 Fedora modified [abrt] dnf: comps.py:62:_by_pattern:TypeError: expected string or buffer
1053162 Fedora new RFE: show repo id when querying repos
1054909 Fedora new Incorrect distro-sync behaviour with multiarch
1055910 Fedora new [rfe] includepkgs directive support
1056485 Fedora new [rfe] redo --force
1061780 Fedora modified Dnf allows installing conflicting packages
1062010 Fedora new [depcheck error reporting] explain that unexcluding a package should help
1062180 Fedora new [api] dnf.conf.Conf.cachedir doesn't have a default value
1062884 Fedora modified [api] Allow dnf plugin to set exit code
1062889 Fedora modified [RFE] [api] add class attribute to dnf.cli.Command which will say it is root-only plugin
1062997 Fedora assigned [kerne] kernel-devel corresponding to the running kernel should stay installed
1063666 Fedora modified [comps] [environments] dnf group remove "GNOME Desktop"
1064211 Fedora modified Dnf should provide logrotate script
1064226 Fedora modified [rfe] cmdline option forcing cache refresh
1065882 Fedora new [delta] delta rpm transaction size statistics needed
1066867 Fedora new [RFE] [api] Support package changelog.
1067156 Fedora new [api] introspecting transaction
1070902 Fedora assigned dnf autocomplete for install ./* + <TAB> takes ages
1071404 Fedora new [abrt] dnf: base.py:138:_add_repo_to_sack:RuntimeException: load_yum_repo() failed: 3.
1071792 Fedora new [RFE] Implement the fs sub-command
1071854 Fedora new dnf reinstall does not work as expected
1072972 Fedora new [API] rel-eng use cases for arch.py
1073457 Fedora new Auto-completion issue with sudo dnf install
1073859 Fedora modified [api][rfe] access to dnf.Base.goal_parameters.allow_uninstall
1074194 Fedora new configurable download location for 'yumdownloader' equivalent
1074874 Fedora new dnf clean all don't clear metadata for local repo
1076045 Fedora new [rfe] ssl support
1076884 Fedora modified [py3] highlight characters broken under py3
1079519 Fedora modified [api][rfe] install .rpm files with dnf API
1079526 Fedora new [api][rfe] get access to the yum history from DNF api
1079932 Fedora modified [api][rfe] public api for getting all packages in a group
1080331 Fedora modified dnf group list fail to run with noroot plugin
1080351 Fedora new [api][rfe] public api for callback when executing the rpm transaction
1080489 Fedora modified [RFE] dnf exits with an error when at least one srpm is present on the command line
1080574 Fedora new [kernel] upgrades when asked to install kernel-headers kernel-devel
1081402 Fedora new [rfe] dnf should have a way to populate object groups, based on the packages installed
1081572 Fedora EPEL new [python3] FTBFS in epel
1081753 Fedora new [abrt] dnf: __init__.py:30:<module>:ImportError: cannot import name Command
1082290 Fedora assigned [groups] Cannot install uninstalled group after rollback
1082658 Fedora new dnf/hawkey does not support sha512
1083432 Fedora modified group is marked as installed, even if install of the packages failed
1083679 Fedora new dnf globbing does not really work
1083767 Fedora modified dnf documents cached packages in a way which does not agree with reality
1084139 Fedora modified dnf manpage "manipualte" typos
1084171 Fedora new [cli] [rfe] dnf 'provides' command could be more generous on an information
1084181 Fedora EPEL new [cli] upgrade shouldn’t install new packages which were not installed before
1084553 Fedora modified [doc] dnf docs describe '--best' option in undecipherabke manner
1085680 Fedora EPEL new rebase in epel7
1086198 Fedora new [abrt] dnf: __init__.py:1709:parse_extcmds:ValueError: invalid sub-command
1086288 Fedora new RFE: coordination with createrepo to enable faster yum --security check-update
1087534 Fedora new dnf try to remove booted kernel
1087566 Fedora new [abrt] dnf: logging.py:144:setup:AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'captureWarnings'
1087928 Fedora modified RFE: dnf help does not list commands implemented by plugins
1088166 Fedora modified [doc] DNF doesn't say you need root rights to run dnf update
1088235 Fedora new [vote] [rfe] option to disable selected plugins
1088891 Fedora new [cli] Package cannot be found, but it is not obvious form output