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Number Product Status Description
459485 Fedora assigned Support for USB key
524727 Fedora assigned Dracut + encrypted root + networking
579500 Fedora new RFE: Need a way to choose a btrfs snapshot upon boot
713262 Fedora assigned RFE: advise/guide the user how to do a manual fsck when needed
757701 Fedora modified [6.3 FEAT] Two Stage Dumper framework - installer
833057 Fedora verified Support vlan tagged bonding
840769 Fedora post nameserver= cmdline parameters are not populated to resolv.conf (if ip=dhcp)
840778 Fedora new No way to provide (search)domains to be added to ifcfg-eth0/resolv.conf
840784 Fedora post Regression: no longer possible to tell dracut to leave ifcfg-eth0/resolv.conf alone
844303 Fedora assigned dracut-022-63.git20120727 is missing run-time dependency on kbd
863883 Fedora assigned RFE: support bluetooth keyboards in initrd and early boot
893222 Fedora new RFE: rd.luks.key argument does not allow for multiple keys
905683 Fedora assigned rd.luks.key is ignored
912848 Fedora new RFE: dmsquash-live: Support variable temporary overlay size
921887 Fedora verified initramfs fails to mount lvm disks and systemd drop in an emergency console
922031 Fedora new NFSroot does not boot with nfsv4 & cannot progress past run level 1 using nfsv3
922565 Fedora modified pungi fails to build install media
923439 Fedora modified dracut's 'rescue' kernel is named such that grub2 orders it higher than real kernels
953542 Fedora new dracut && systemd masked services
954041 Fedora assigned Unable to switch back from multipathed boot
960076 Fedora assigned dracut doesn't mount root mountpoint which is on degraded BTRFS RAID1
965814 Fedora assigned Resume from hibernate does not work - system boots normally
974146 Fedora new ~40% of F19 Beta installation in Beaker fail with dracut-initqueue[316]: Warning: /dev/root does not exist
976559 Fedora new rd.live.overlay cannot be used to specify a different device from root=live device
978346 Fedora new system doesn't boot after installation
983791 Fedora post cannot enter the shell with rd.break=cmdline
984502 Fedora post findmnt hangs forever
985914 Fedora post dracut: please use journal for logging
989133 Fedora modified installer fails to start with 0-byte kickstart file
989649 Fedora new removing the swap partition with fdisk leads to boot problem without regenerating initramfs
989874 Fedora new additional network boot options
991584 Fedora post Regression: systemd-fsck fails to check /usr at boot
991675 Fedora post Dracut fails to recognize nfs module is needed for nfsroot
991692 Fedora new Fedora become unbootable after swap partition reformat
993258 Fedora new [patch] allow disabling of the COW overlay for squashfs
993327 Fedora post dracut does not check the value of --kver option
994295 Fedora post dracut ip=....:ibft fails to boot iscsi on root
995843 Fedora post Cannot boot after replacing swap partition for a new one
997111 Fedora post dracut-network Requires dhclient
998586 Fedora post dracut: spurious error message during upgrade
998709 Fedora assigned No-boot regression F18->F19
1000216 Fedora assigned dracut reports errors if sysvinit-tools + initscripts are removed
1002662 Fedora new Syntax error in /usr/bin/dracut breaks LABEL= swap in /etc/fstab
1006689 Fedora new vercmp function used before it is defined in dracut-functions.sh
1008076 Fedora new Dracut does not allow dual stack configuration
1009960 Fedora new cannot obtain dhcp for network installation
1012371 Fedora new Cannot set root device on kernel command line
1014067 Fedora assigned Add lvmetad udev rules to initramfs and make udev db records for MD devices persistent so LVM on MD autoactivation works correctly
1015629 Fedora new fedora becomes unbootable after installing debian
1018930 Fedora new boot fails with initramfs created by dracut -N (--no-hostonly)
1028477 Fedora new Fedora won't boot after kernel update to 3.11.7-200
1029786 Fedora post RFE: run compression utilities in a multithread way
1031512 Fedora new module-setup.sh - swap partition check based on "mount point" - "resume" from hibernate fails.
1039434 Fedora new root logical volume is not found when disk moved form SATA to USB
1044537 Fedora new Cannot boot installer from USB key on PowerMac G5
1045087 Fedora assigned Setting gateway fails with classless static routes DHCP option
1045462 Fedora new install of kernel 3.13.0.rc4.git4.1 gives dracut error
1046699 Fedora new nfs share wont mount as root
1051603 Fedora new Feature request: include fat & vfat drivers in "hostonly" initramfs
1052843 Fedora new /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/dracut-rootfs-generator exited with exit status 1
1059922 Fedora new dracut unable to set up static IP address for bonded interface bond0 in NetworkManager
1062309 Fedora new System wouldn't boot after replacing a disk in a two-disk RAID1 array
1062981 Fedora new boot failure with 9p fs virtio in /etc/fstab
1063556 Fedora post sdhci_acpi not included in initramfs when system storage is on it
1084763 Fedora new Kernel panic at power down when rootfs on NBD device
1084766 Fedora new 037-10.git20140402.fc20-generated initramfs no longer contains cmdline parameters for crypt/LVM/MD devices by default, breaks boot on multiple systems
1085955 Fedora new document compress in dracut.conf man page
1085992 Fedora new kernel-3.13.9-200.fc20.x86_64 does not present entry for luks passphase at start of boot
1086440 Fedora new dracut recovery mode shell needs 'sort' and 'uniq'
1087528 Fedora new Boot with 'init=/bin/bash' fails if root partition is encrypted (decryption prompt is never shown, boot gets stuck)
1089384 Fedora new dracut 037-10.git20140402.fc20 reported missing command and server cannot boot into OS