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Number Product Status Description
439598 Fedora assigned broken spell-check defaults
489306 Fedora assigned Firefox becomes unstable during related package updates
634499 Fedora new [te_IN] character appear half in some text box with firefox/thunderbird
689058 Fedora assigned NTLM SSO authentication doesn't work.
698535 Fedora new Firefox geolocation highly inaccurate (not sending wifi information?)
709870 Fedora assigned tearing when scrolling
743882 Fedora new Wrong page size
759618 Fedora assigned Firefox can't handle SMB URLs such as "smb://nas/share"
849353 Fedora assigned notify user when uploading file permisson is invalid
911876 Fedora assigned Firefox ignores rgba-order setting for subpixel rendering (always uses rgb)
951249 Fedora new debuginfo uses DWARF version 2 which is less expressive and not as efficient as the latest DWARF version 4 (GCC default)
957025 Fedora new Print to file in Firefox doesnt not display print destination
964693 Fedora new Firefox-21 update broken/unusable
968296 Fedora assigned firefox is missing check boxes for Telemetry/Crash report submitting in Preferences
969388 Fedora new RFE: Provide a system-wide configuration directory
979985 Fedora new Firefox is poinitng to proprietary java plugin under opensoure OSes
983530 Fedora new Firefox freezes on downloading images
991590 Fedora new XSLT transformation error in firefox
999548 Fedora new Big images are black
999901 Fedora new Don't include items in bookmarks by default
1001998 Fedora new Firefox (download) notifications no longer show up in the gnome 3 message tray
1002897 Fedora new Firefox uses its own notifications instead of plasma ones at KDE
1004419 Fedora new about:newtab doesn't show thumbnails
1005574 Fedora new Tooltips are huge
1007593 Fedora new [abrt] firefox-23.0.1-5.fc19: g_logv: Process /usr/lib64/firefox/firefox was killed by signal 5 (SIGTRAP)
1007653 Fedora new Firefox spell checking loses specific dialect in language setting
1010343 Fedora new title tooltip size does not recover.
1012922 Fedora new firefox-23.0.1-5.fc19 close unexpectedly when open/close multiple times in gnome environment
1014858 Fedora new GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion `sys_page_size == 0' failed (on startup)
1024155 Fedora new Cannot read full URL of JavaScript network request in debugger
1025919 Fedora new Firefox font rendering is undersized
1028190 Fedora new Pages deleted from history appear on new tab screen until restart
1030703 Fedora new No spell checker is running by default, and after turning it on, it does not work
1031803 Fedora new Bookmarks menu hierarchy fails to hold mouse focus [org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences.focus-mode=mouse]
1036443 Fedora assigned RHEVM: Extremely high memory usage in Firefox
1041671 Fedora new firefox-26.0-2.fc19: setInt32 [JIT]
1045788 Fedora assigned firefox: syscall(): firefox killed by SIGSEGV
1045940 Fedora new crash [ @ firefox: nsWeakFrame::InitInternal()] - baseline JIT
1046877 Fedora new Firefox 26 constantly crashing
1047079 Fedora new firefox: setInt32() [ JIT ]
1049885 Fedora new Add support for gtk3 Firefox build
1051620 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: __kernel_vsyscall(): firefox killed by SIGSEGV
1054294 Fedora new [GTK3] Gtk3 GtkSocket and Gtk2 GtkPlug are missing X sync
1054334 Fedora new [GTK3] Firefox gtk3 version does direct X access (which doesn't work on other backends)
1054684 Fedora new firefox is not getting focus when started from xfce4
1054974 Fedora new [GTK3] Tooltips does not have round corners
1057104 Fedora new Timezone Europe/Italy leads to wrong dates on DST change at 00:00:00
1060770 Fedora new Firefox HiDPI support
1063739 Fedora new html5 geolocation is not working
1070456 Fedora new Downloading file in GNOME provides recently used documents file chooser for application selection
1071519 Fedora new Translation of the password dialog broken.
1072058 Fedora new Slow UI
1074047 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: g_thread_new(): crashreporter killed by SIGTRAP
1074152 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: crHashtableWalkUnlocked(): firefox killed by SIGSEGV
1074154 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: __pthread_mutex_lock(): firefox killed by SIGSEGV
1076658 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: elf_machine_rela(): firefox killed by SIGSEGV
1076817 Fedora new Firefox does not support literal IPv6 addresses with zone identifiers
1076910 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: xcb_glx_query_server_string_string_length(): firefox killed by SIGSEGV
1078367 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: g_thread_abort(): plugin-container killed by SIGSEGV
1080403 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: mozilla::ipc::SerializeInputStream(): plugin-container killed by SIGSEGV
1080649 Fedora new Pages with flash content appear to cause UI freezing
1080975 Fedora new Icon "recently-closed-windows" too large
1082084 Fedora new link hover popup is oversized
1082333 Fedora new Firefox cannot read musicnotes format file
1082732 Fedora new [abrt] firefox: webrtc::ModuleRtpRtcpImpl::TimeUntilNextProcess(): firefox killed by SIGABRT
1083762 Fedora assigned Add ppc64le support to Firefox
1086054 Fedora new default for insertseparatorbeforeaccesskeys should be false