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Number Product Status Description
442919 Fedora assigned separate libgfortran-devel from gcc-gfortran package
468246 Fedora new Stray /usr/src/debug/tmp in gcc-debuginfo
556975 Fedora assigned Variables optimized out (python)
613407 Fedora assigned assertion failure at namet.adb:616 (causes broken dependencies)
634284 Fedora assigned DWARF label pc is out of its DIE range
663080 Fedora new gcc thinks differently about array bounds between x86_64 and s390x
677681 Fedora assigned inline parameter poor debuginfo: cannot resolve context_switch parameters
704043 Fedora assigned Warning for uninitialized var has the wrong function and location
706973 Fedora modified Please split gcc debuginfo package so that libstdc++ and libgcc_s debuginfos are separate
715129 Fedora new gcc-plugin-devel: Missing gengtype?
813802 Fedora new internal compiler error: in build_abbrev_table, at dwarf2out.c:10872
824450 Fedora new -m64 support for building 64 bit kernels on 32 bit fedora
827748 Fedora assigned jackd always starts in verbose mode
836936 Fedora new Regression for -fdebug-types-section
837572 Fedora new internal compiler error: in find_constant_pool_ref, at config/s390/s390.c:5831
838348 Fedora new GCC optimises too aggressively with -fcommon and -O2
841814 Fedora new g++ enters an endless loop
893780 Fedora new /usr/libexec/getconf should not be owned by gcc rpm
917749 Fedora new aarch64 gcc build
922974 Fedora new Rebuilding mksh using GCC 4.8 causes cc in permanent 99.9% CPU usage
927214 Fedora new posix_memalign(..., <not a power of two alignment>, ...) fails when compiled with -fsanitize=address
927608 Fedora new RPM is ignoring debug_package %{nil}
949553 Fedora assigned Multiple i686 applications crash when compiled with optimization (e.g. Firefox, Chromium, WebKit and QtScript's JavaScriptCore JIT crashes for a number of web pages)
952673 Fedora new gcc-4.8.0 libgcj regression on 32bit Power architecture
962047 Fedora new internal compiler error: Segmentation fault when building openttd
964589 Fedora new /usr/bin/gcc-ar fails: "Cannot find binary 'ar'"
967950 Fedora verified std::chrono clocks changed default resolution
979403 Fedora new [RFE] Pickup architecture specific header files from dedicated location
983057 Fedora new Provide rpm macros for handling Fortran modules
986923 Fedora new gcc ignore warning implicit-function-declaration
987192 Fedora new ICE in lttng-tools-2.2.1-1.fc20
991003 Fedora assigned Missing dependancy on libasan RPM
995804 Fedora new Problem in gdb when using the Step by step debug on a C++ program
997967 Fedora new libgcj-src: Bundled objectweb-asm
1002433 Fedora new C++ Segfaults when trying to compile Firefox with GTK3
1002736 Fedora new missing libatomic dep
1004342 Fedora new Firefox fails to build on Fedora 19/x86_64 - g++ does not export symbol with default visibility
1007586 Fedora new Internal compiler error on armv7hl when building mrpt package
1007803 Fedora new gcj java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit w/o DISPLAY: exit 1
1013147 Fedora new SEGFAULT: at ../../../../libsanitizer/asan/asan_posix.cc:39
1021854 Fedora new gnat-gcc summary not updated
1026919 Fedora new Symbolizing the backtrace is not easy enough
1028679 Fedora new gdb prints Python Exception <type 'exceptions.IndexError'> list index out of range
1029448 Fedora new option -Wmissing-field-initializers does not work
1031208 Fedora new subprogram DIE has 0 low_pc
1032330 Fedora new Compilation fail when using the some specific optimization flags
1037079 Fedora new gcc FTBFS if "-Werror=format-security" flag is used
1046034 Fedora new gcc (in eclipse) crashes with segfault when compiling file at optimisation level >1
1055194 Fedora new gcc: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault (program cc1)
1061007 Fedora new internal compiler error(s) compiling google test and cross-compiling older versions of gcc
1063327 Fedora new gcc: internal compiler error: Bus error (program cc1)
1064875 Fedora new [abrt] libreoffice-core: _g_log_abort(): soffice.bin killed by SIGABRT
1067245 Fedora new gcc doesn't enable ifunc on aarch64 or armv7hl
1070288 Fedora new gcc: enable -fstack-protector on AArch64
1071386 Fedora new classpath bug: javax.print.attribute.standard.JobKOctetsSupported forbids lower bound of 0
1076950 Fedora new g++ library's global object constructor is not called
1079664 Fedora new gcc package contains incorrect/defect symlinks (architecture mismatch)
1079788 Fedora new c++11: Passing a std::unique_ptr to a function called through a pointer based on a lambda triggers dtor
1082370 Fedora new -shared -g3 can trigger terrabyte+ mallocs() in ld
1084830 Fedora new wrong Dwarf encoding of huge enumerator values
1087694 Fedora new internal compiler error when building mame-0.153-1.fc21 on i686
1088483 Fedora new gcc-fortran: Error: Syntax error in array constructor at (1)
1088567 Fedora new gccint is not in master "dir" file