grub2 bugs

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Number Product Status Description
737339 Fedora assigned Grub menu is shown even for single OS installations
740953 Fedora new RFE: Provide command to easily update grub.cfg
757487 Fedora new grub menu should not show up if only Fedora is installed
760258 Fedora new Robustly support /boot as a Logical Volume in co-operation with lvm2.
782459 Fedora new make administrative updates/changes to grub a single step process
785379 Fedora assigned Grub2 menu untidy (name of the kernel entries not coherent)
802150 Fedora new grub2-mkrescue does not create EFI image
803342 Fedora new Can't show boot menu using shift key
817187 Fedora assigned GRUB2 error: file '/boot/grub2/locale/' not found
820654 Fedora new grub2 flashes textmode 'welcome to grub' before graphical display
820713 Fedora modified Fedora/system grub theme needs more licensing text
825236 Fedora new Anaconda should run grub2-mkconfig when LVM devices are active
840204 Fedora new grub2 ask for the password at each boot
840272 Fedora new grub2 should not install entries for hidden partituions
841696 Fedora new RFE include custom rules for fast bootup support
854098 Fedora new Grub2 freezes when booting with hyper-threading on
866561 Fedora new complete version string is not available at boot time
870616 Fedora new grub2-mkconfig command failed with error if there run in Punjabi (pa) locale
873207 Fedora assigned UEFI: No entry in grub2 menu for windows8 in dual boot setup install
882605 Fedora new UEFI: 'module' not found (for Xen)
882658 Fedora new Unable to load grub2 in VirtualBox
886412 Fedora new grub2-install prevents UEFI booting
890955 Fedora new error messages for BTRFS multi-partition root
893179 Fedora new Automatic MacOSX grub entries are broken (and weird)
893792 Fedora new file duplicate between grub2 and grub2-tools
894268 Fedora new RFE: Include tftp module in grubx64.efi to enable UEFI PXE boot
904668 Fedora new GRUB2 EFI, choosing OS X entries causes xnu kernel panic
906203 Fedora modified /boot on LVM fails to boot on UEFI computers
912791 Fedora new Spurious Xen GRUB2 entries are there again (this time due to Tboot)
918179 Fedora new Grub2 fails to start on fresh installation from F18 live cd image
920380 Fedora new Graphical menu screen garbled on thinkpad T400
922997 Fedora modified Please move your bash_completion scripts to /usr/share/bash-completion/completions
923433 Fedora new grub_quoted function messes up "Schrödinger's Cat"
951761 Fedora new hangs when loading initramfs on EFI
961533 Fedora new grub2 menu entry shows Schr?dinger?s Cat after a 'yum update'
964828 Fedora new On EFI: F18 is rendered unbootable after installing F19
965227 Fedora new grub2-2.02~beta2 is available
967317 Fedora new grub2 should not only obsolete grub but also grub-efi
970734 Fedora new grub-install removes "fedora" from BootOrder, resulting in UEFI won't load GRUB2
977101 Fedora new Drop large ChangeLog
981159 Fedora new F19 fresh install fails to boot, cannot see MDADM administered disk
981909 Fedora new grub2-probe partmap fails for LVM on RAID
984283 Fedora new Grub2/mkconfig should allow booting via LABEL in addition to UUID
986345 Fedora new grub no boot - symbol 'grub_term_highlight_color' not found - FIXED
986431 Fedora new Anaconda fails to install bootloader if legacy MBR has only 36 sectors before 1st partition
986731 Fedora new Dual boot of uefi Windows 7 and Fedora 19 fails to boot Windows
991022 Fedora new grub2-mkconfig fails to update grub.cfg with detected OS's
991404 Fedora new grub not boot -- could not find '/grub2/i386-pc/normal.mod'
991623 Fedora new Grub2 fails to detect lvm volume group on mdraid level 0
991823 Fedora new RAID6/md1 is not visible during boot
992434 Fedora new grub2: FTBFS in rawhide
995174 Fedora new grub2-efi-2.00-24.fc20 does not boot
996736 Fedora new grub menus not translated
999044 Fedora new grub2 UEFI PXE boot: not all variables set like pxe_default_server
999069 Fedora new Ship GRUB2 boot images files as package binary for PPC
1000645 Fedora assigned grub2-mkconfig fails with memory error in grub2-script-check
1004195 Fedora new fedora19 UEFI-mode boot hang with the msg "secure boot not enabled" after installation
1006289 Fedora new error: diskfilter writes are not supported
1007107 Fedora new Grub2 30_os-prober improperly detects multiple copies of the same version on different drives
1010704 Fedora new Grub2 does not specify root for windows entries where uefi partition
1011150 Fedora new grub2-mkconfig fails to include Fedora 20 Alpha RC4
1014814 Fedora new grub2's tftp implementation doesn't re-transmit ACKs
1015200 Fedora new grub2 fails because vgs outputs trailing spaces.
1015814 Fedora new grub2-install can"t find grub2 directory
1021180 Fedora new Can't chainload windows 8.1 with secureboot
1022743 Fedora new mishandles corrupt primary GPT, doesn't use backup GPT
1022952 Fedora new Existing boot partitions are not recognized during GRUB2 installation
1023161 Fedora new error: no such device: root. when /boot on btrfs as separate subvol or not
1025024 Fedora assigned Grub2 PPC does not support GPT partition disk
1025027 Fedora assigned GRUB failure in sending the ack packet if has exactly 50 blocks
1028377 Fedora new grub2-mkconfig generating correct, but unusable configuration
1028539 Fedora new Updating kernel gives unaligned pointer 0xa in grub
1029982 Fedora new Fedora Rescue entry in grub gets added to the top of the grub boot list
1033461 Fedora new Other operating systems do not appear in boot menu
1038200 Fedora new include grub gui such as grub-customizer
1039287 Fedora new kernel commandline drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=VGA-1:edid/1680x1050.bin fails
1043645 Fedora new After F-19 UEFI install, Windows 8 install goes missing....
1045568 Fedora new grub2-starfield-theme should install to /boot/grub2/themes
1048350 Fedora new [abrt] grub2-tools: _IO_new_fclose(): grub2-editenv killed by SIGABRT
1048999 Fedora new On EFI, grubx64.efi/core.img needs to look for grub.cfg /boot/grub2 not /boot/efi/EFI/fedora
1053594 Fedora new Other Linux installations are not added to Grub2 menus.
1053626 Fedora new Pager Mode should be enabled by default
1054071 Fedora new Change boot order grub2 issue with French
1055227 Fedora new Superfluous patches applied
1055759 Fedora new Parameter GRUB_DISABLE_RECOVERY doesn't work
1058385 Fedora new F20 installer creates grub.cfg that won't boot LUKS-encrypted F19
1059488 Fedora new grub2 does not ship any documentation (e.g. man pages)
1060182 Fedora new RFE grub-customizer
1061925 Fedora new grub2 breaks acpi_osi kernel option with spaces
1074164 Fedora new 'env_save' command not found
1074667 Fedora new Boot stops with "alloc magic is broken at 0x..."
1079652 Fedora new OS install from Live USB to another USB puts hard coded /dev/sdc1 into grub.cfg
1081408 Fedora new BootLoaderError: failed to write bootloader configuration
1082283 Fedora new [abrt] grub2-tools: strlen(): grub2-ofpathname killed by SIGSEGV
1082549 Fedora new Pressing enter while editing boot menu entry causes editor to stop working
1085914 Fedora new Grub will wait at boot until enter is pressed.
1086103 Fedora new Wrong generation of /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg
1089082 Fedora new grub2-probe fails to find UUIDs for md device