iptables bugs

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Number Product Status Description
432617 Fedora assigned RFE: Add "reload" option to startup script.
832733 Fedora new Iptables firewall blocks responses to UDP multicast discovery packets.
837858 Fedora new iptables should contain default rule to block ssh break-in-attepts
912047 Fedora new iptables-apply/ip6tables-apply are missing
917975 Fedora new iptables-1.4.21 is available
983200 Fedora post iptables-save man page completely wrong - which conflicting arguments should work?
985425 Fedora new remote ssh logins allowed after waiting at least 5 minutes. Shall be immediately, together with login screen display.
1021651 Fedora post @PACKAGE_VERSION@ is not substituted by version string in manual page section VERSION
1022228 Fedora post Man iptables-restore(8) has wrong statement about the way data is read from a file
1060498 Fedora new default ip_forward is set to 1 and setting it to 0 is not persistent.