kdepim bugs

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Number Product Status Description
488446 Fedora assigned Feature request: KMail should warn when it's missing a library
625546 Fedora new Kmail reply button greyed out.
747755 Fedora new KOrganizer is not showing some recurring meetings
814410 Fedora new KMail2 consumes almost all CPU
845001 Fedora new kmail asks for password when using GSSAPI authentication
857758 Fedora new Kmail doesn't automatically apply filters.
969499 Fedora new problem showing knotes when using razorqt
978274 Fedora assigned Checkboxes for calendars, contact lists, todo lists etc should be *checked* by default
1009121 Fedora new [abrt] kdepim-4.10.5-1.fc19: handle_error: Process /usr/bin/akregator was killed by signal 5 (SIGTRAP)
1018071 Fedora new KMail doesn't save a folder option
1024540 Fedora new kmail forgets contents of trash folder
1051821 Fedora new [abrt] kdepim: MessageList::StorageModel(): kmail killed by SIGSEGV
1052722 Fedora new [abrt] kdepim: _xend(): akonadi_sendlater_agent killed by SIGSEGV
1072917 Fedora new kmail displays garbled characters in subjects
1082821 Fedora new [abrt] kdepim: g_wakeup_new(): kleopatra killed by SIGTRAP