preupgrade bugs

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Number Product Status Description
448349 Fedora new RFE: Submitting possible svg Icon for preupgrade
448368 Fedora new RFE: Submitting initial man page for preupgrade
454683 Fedora assigned Should Rate Limit Downloads
502406 Fedora new RFE: retain repo configuration for testing repository in an upgade
502703 Fedora new RFE: option to make an upgrade close to a fresh installation
502753 Fedora new switch to using PolicyKit
524224 Fedora new Please package preupgrade-gtk and preupgrade-cli separately
587610 Fedora assigned Error message says network problems instead of insufficient disk space
595712 Fedora assigned Setting default GRUB item is confusing
620227 Fedora assigned You need more space on the following filesystems: 0 M on /boot
649399 Fedora new Preupgrade doesn't check for sufficient disk-space before starting downloads
672998 Fedora new preupgrade allows user to select release that cannot be upgraded to
672999 Fedora new preupgrade fails to write-over or "undo" a previous run of preupgrade
682721 Fedora assigned Keep the console= parameter in grub.conf
690853 Fedora new RFE: Add ETA to preupgrade GUI
708548 Fedora assigned preupgrade fails if /boot is on raid device
736726 Fedora new [abrt] preupgrade-1.1.8-1.fc12.1: /var/spool/abrt/pyhook-1315381901-9085/reason
741017 Fedora new F15->F16: Current Preupgrade kernel hangs: Activation of org.freedesktop.Networkmanager timed out
741536 Fedora new preupgrade needs show to a progress dialog at boot instead of a black screen
806163 Fedora new [abrt] preupgrade-1.1.9-1.fc13: /boot is on RAID device dm-1
811964 Fedora assigned preupgrade: sh: /sbin/grub: No such file or directory
828300 Fedora new Can we get preupgrade to trigger a onetime relabel of the /home after the install.
879733 Fedora new [abrt] preupgrade-1.1.10-1.fc15: /boot is on RAID device md2
1063065 Fedora new Preupgrade fails on FC14->FC15 upgrade - releases.txt on www is wrong