system-config-network bugs

19 bugs found

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Number Product Status Description
426428 Fedora assigned RFE: do not use hardlinks
429370 Fedora assigned RFE: add openswan support
429818 Fedora assigned RFE: display current configuration from DHCP in static settings
448177 Fedora new xDSL interface created by system-config-network has no ONBOOT={yes,no} line
460020 Fedora assigned Modify gnome-python2 requirement
493606 Fedora new Tracker: System Configuration Tools Cleanup Project
493836 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: missing descriptions
493837 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: inputs checking
493845 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: use frames without borders, using bold labels, spacing and indetation.
493861 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: bad spacings, alignment, layout
493867 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: missing or/and convert to DocBook
493874 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: missing tooltips
493914 Fedora new S-c-tools cleanup: port to PolicyKit
562679 Fedora new system-config-network uses old Bluecurve icons
973558 Fedora new system-config-network: interface names do not agree with "ip link"
990723 Fedora new system-config-network doesn't update /etc/hostname
999834 Fedora new system-config-network gui problems and corruption
1006455 Fedora new Setting a DNS search domain in system-config-network does not persist after reboot
1061844 Fedora new system-config-network does not work in a fresh install