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Number Product Status Description
624149 Fedora assigned RFE: Better compatibility with shutdown traditional semantics
624158 Fedora new [patch] locale fallback for LANGUAGE
630174 Fedora new RFE: systemd-unscrew-my-system
704214 Fedora assigned RFE: make it possible to invoke to services from the systemctl command line in a single transaction
708537 Fedora new isolate action is too brutal for runlevel switching
710946 Fedora assigned fsck of automount delays mount of other automounts
719952 Fedora assigned reboot or shutdown commands unresponsive during systemd-fsck
723942 Fedora new RFE: Allow Type=simple with PIDFile=
742546 Fedora new RFE: a better cycle breaking strategy
750185 Fedora new RFE: systemd-analyze graph/blame should show devices being waited for
750883 Fedora assigned Change of Daylight Saving Time not saved
753882 Fedora assigned pam_systemd should not use loginuid (at least not when used by su)
760903 Fedora new RFE: Load modules when configuration snippets are dropped into /etc/modules-load.d/
766103 Fedora assigned rsyslogd stops too early during shutdown; messages lost
782466 Fedora new TRACKER: Change Several Service Unit files to use PrivateTmp by default.
784611 Fedora new TRACKER: systemd RFEs
786806 Fedora assigned systemd looks for a pid file even if ExecStart exited with status=6
795593 Fedora new RFE: After deserializing fds in .socket units we should reapply socktops and things
802748 Fedora new RFE: option to remove socket/fifo when the socket unit is stopped
807897 Fedora new RFE: Need the ability for respawn to be disabled programatically
812815 Fedora assigned kill command reports success even if it killed nothing
812826 Fedora new RFE: fstab: allow x-systemd-after= mount option to allow explicit ordering of fstab mounts
818052 Fedora new RFE: Could an ExecRestartPre option be added for the service files.
818381 Fedora new re-add slaughtering of ExecStartPre leftover processes
824344 Fedora assigned RFE: some improvements to Documentation=
833158 Fedora assigned RFE: systemd loses error messages such as: error on 'reboot': Failed to start Show Plymouth Reboot Screen
835131 Fedora assigned PrivateTmp breaks if /var/tmp is a symlink
835792 Fedora new systemd-journald endless loop
837292 Fedora new console-setup integration with systemd
842060 Fedora new systemd can mask services that do not exists, this might cause confusion to the administrator
843014 Fedora new the kernel used during hibernating should be marked and used when resuming
843587 Fedora new Hang on socket if A.service autostarts B.service and "After=B.service" is defined for A.service
846306 Fedora new RFE: Always show status output when units are manually started stopped etc.
850785 Fedora post Keyboard input almost never working using remote console DELL iDRAC on new server PowerEdge R720
851665 Fedora assigned network mounts autofs leaves around on shutdown need to be unmounted before we get rid of the network
858265 Fedora assigned RFE: possibly automatically turn off tmpfs on /tmp if root fs is large and writable, and RAM is limited
863749 Fedora new applications freeze on access to non-existent devices with automount
863960 Fedora new doesn't re-print password prompt after usb discovery messages and typing
864143 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/sbin/httpd from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file /run/systemd/sessions/110.ref (deleted).
864298 Fedora new systemctl is-enabled reports 'static' incorrectly (t appears)
864623 Fedora new RFE: journald should segregate authpriv.* data
868857 Fedora new shutdown: when going wild with detaching all DM devices still around we should not generate warnings for those backing / and /usr which cannot be detached anyway...
869061 Fedora new No output to journal after double-switch-root
869290 Fedora new service postgresql start fails and no details provided
871527 Fedora new TRACKER: bugs with known causes but unknown solutions
874631 Fedora new RFE: allow configuration of percentage values for disk space in journald.conf
874862 Fedora new systemd-fstab-generator[255]: Failed to create unit file: File exists
881785 Fedora new TRACKER: migration to /etc/hostname, /etc/vconsole.conf, /etc/locale.conf
889710 Fedora modified VT is not put into an unicode mode
890533 Fedora new luks generator should parse rd.luks.allow-discards on the kernel command line
891124 Fedora new RFE: localectl should improve input validation for set-keymap and set-x11-keymap (they silently accepts junk)
893015 Fedora assigned NOT_IN_SYSTEMD: DefaultControllers=cpu makes RT unavailable to system services
896098 Fedora new tmpfiles cleaner reactivates stopped automounts
903169 Fedora new switching from "rescue" mode back to "default" causes breakage (of VTs in particular)
906824 Fedora new RFE: introduce systemctl edit $unit
907719 Fedora new /lib/systemd/system/ unowned directory
911766 Fedora new systemd fills up logs when running cron replacement scripts.
915912 Fedora post %u/%U/%h/%s requires NSS lookups when loading systemd unit configuration, but that's totally *not* OK
916933 Fedora new RFE: rpm spec macro for services that should not be running during update
918513 Fedora new Pulseaudio can't use the sound card when a Plugable device is inserted on boot
921806 Fedora new quotaon not called when quotas are set for the root file system in /etc/fstab
922279 Fedora assigned CUPS fails to configure printer due to wrong group ownership of device node
924581 Fedora new "Please enter passphrase for disk" spamming
928962 Fedora assigned systemd forgets inhibits on upgrade
948700 Fedora new LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited is not respected
952634 Fedora post RFE: We should have a way for KillSignal to apply only to the main process but send SIGKILL to other processes
955379 Fedora assigned systemctl enable fails for user-defined service files in /etc/systemd/system
958321 Fedora new Fedora 19 systemd-journald log or command buffer over-run
961299 Fedora new Systemd and autofs inconsistence in mount
963620 Fedora new journald: we need a way to get audit, cgroup, ... information attached to log messages instead of asynchronously reading them in
969795 Fedora post [abrt] systemd-204-3.fc19: crash: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
974238 Fedora new systemd stuck when auto-mouting volume for NFS
974787 Fedora new RFE: journalctl commands to trim on-disk journal by date and size
976748 Fedora new TRACKER: Preset Change Requests
979446 Fedora new journald: provide API to register a callback for events
979487 Fedora new sd_journal_seek_tail doesn't go to end
981494 Fedora new localectl fails to apply xkb keymap immediately after selecting it
981877 Fedora assigned systemd can not keyboard reboot if is not present
982007 Fedora new system does not boot with separate /var partition
982608 Fedora new initramfs fails to mount luks disks and systemd drop in an emergency console
982920 Fedora new systemd --test paranoid security
983685 Fedora new lxc container with networking hangs udevadm settle on the host
983688 Fedora new Fedora 19 boots very, very slow compared to Fedora 18
984152 Fedora new Assert in systemd-logind: Assertion 's->user->slice' failed at src/login/logind-session.c:463, function session_start_scope(). Aborting.
986344 Fedora new Service file installs fine but after reboot it errors out with "Cannot add dependency job for unit"
987003 Fedora assigned clearer udevd messages than "worker [y] terminated by signal 9 (Killed)"
987136 Fedora new RFE: add 'discard' swap option support for /etc/fstab
988235 Fedora new boot hangs at when packagekit-offline-update.service is disabled
989209 Fedora new inconsistent network device names
994680 Fedora new RFE: journalctl option to display timestamps in UTC
995792 Fedora new unnecessarily logs in /var/log/messages
996133 Fedora new misleading and useless error message
996295 Fedora new systemd-udevd[195]: worker [220] /devices/system/cpu/cpu2 timeout; kill it
998615 Fedora new RFE: systemd should report errors in [Install] section better
999147 Fedora new RFE: Add the ability to set alias for machine containers
1000189 Fedora new TRACKER: systemd containers fit and finish
1000197 Fedora new RFE: introduce application.slice
1001579 Fedora new systemd not setting custom keymap on tty
1001607 Fedora new Generated units cannot be disabled, only masked
1002996 Fedora new Stopping a service doesn't work when the service file has been converted to a symlink
1003147 Fedora post RFE: visible notification for the user when important services fail to start
1003575 Fedora new stopped service is started automatically if required service is restarted
1003601 Fedora new System "never finishes booting" though it boots fine
1003867 Fedora post systemd is not able solve two (or more?) swap partitions activation correctly
1004435 Fedora new RFE: PrivateNetwork=yes should become a NOP if the kernel doesn't support network namespaces
1008188 Fedora new Boot takes too much time
1008373 Fedora new [abrt] systemd-204-11.fc19: __memcpy_sse2: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-journald was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
1009023 Fedora new on upgrade, systemd should drop the devpts entry from /etc/fstab, or patch mode= into it
1010215 Fedora new inactive listed lightdm session prevent me from rebooting the system with a policy query
1010436 Fedora new [abrt] systemd-204-9.fc19: mount_parameters_done: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
1010545 Fedora new bus_get_selinux_security_context failed: Broken pipe
1010572 Fedora new systemd: Failed to open private bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /run/user/0/dbus/user_bus_socket: No such file or directory
1010595 Fedora new systemd-cgroups-agent: Failed to get D-Bus connection:
1010673 Fedora new PrivateTmp keeps the whole filesystem as MS_SLAVE
1011385 Fedora new [abrt] systemd-204-11.fc19: journal_file_append_field: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-journald was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
1011706 Fedora new RFE: systemd should never drop to recovery console without explaining why
1011746 Fedora new MSG: systemd reports journal on persistent storage when it is set to use volatile storage
1012653 Fedora new console localisation in boot
1012899 Fedora assigned Upgrading to F20 with luks doesn't boot before upgrade
1014311 Fedora new RFE: allow systemctl enable work on symlinked units
1014347 Fedora new RFE: Unify user locale handling
1015794 Fedora new Reboot hangs from desktop or display manager
1016346 Fedora new [abrt] systemd-208-2.fc20: log_assert: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-logind was killed by signal 6 (SIGABRT)
1017509 Fedora post when swap is on a GPT partition journal reports swapon failed device resource or busy, unit .swap entered failed state
1018196 Fedora new logind fails to recognize active graphical session on seat0
1023073 Fedora new no access to usb scanner from sane-find-scanner
1023737 Fedora new fstab method of CIFS mounts will not mount on startup
1024379 Fedora new systemctl: autocompletion for unit-names is broken
1026119 Fedora new Fedora 20 fails to unmount /home, /tmp and all /dev/mapper/luks- partitions on every shutdown
1027114 Fedora new nfs mount fails during boot because network is not ready
1028687 Fedora post systemctl is-enabled does not work for template instances
1030023 Fedora new Systemd occasionally blocks on boot
1030490 Fedora new bad fat32 SD card leaves fstab mount entry
1030523 Fedora new when journald discards messages due to rate limiting, it does not show how many messages were dropped
1030529 Fedora new systemd-journald rate limiting does not work properly when the messages arrive in a single burst with no delays
1030691 Fedora new Permissions at root "/ of root filesystem 755 vs 555
1032014 Fedora new Fedora 20 (GNOME) fails to activate automatically user session for non-seat0 seats
1033577 Fedora new [abrt] systemd-208-4.fc20: log_assert: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-logind was killed by signal 6 (SIGABRT)
1034483 Fedora new Running init 3 hangs and never returns
1034722 Fedora new Unable to modify user after logout from MATE.
1038259 Fedora new systemd-journald uses a lot of CPU if several LXC containers are running
1039200 Fedora new Journal flushing often slow, can prevent system booting correctly
1040432 Fedora new Cannot boot when the system drive is attached via USB
1045432 Fedora new RFE: make /dev/loop-control owned by group 'disk'
1045810 Fedora new [abrt] systemd-204-17.fc19: journal_file_find_data_object_with_hash: Process /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-journald was killed by signal 7 (SIGBUS)
1046151 Fedora new systemd ignore /etc/locale.conf
1046297 Fedora new bg (background) NFS mounts doesn't work as expected
1046313 Fedora new systemd-journald prevents system to remount ro in rescue mode
1046398 Fedora new systemd tries to start inn every 3 milliseconds, pegging the load average
1046413 Fedora new unresponsive nfs mount causes systemd to stop ripping zombies
1046973 Fedora new Boot is ridiculously slow after upgrade FC19 -> FC20
1047148 Fedora post MSG: useless systemd-journald "Vacuuming done" messages
1047230 Fedora new system crashes if /var/log/journal does not exist
1047278 Fedora new Failed to add job sys-kernel-config.mount/start journal warning
1047625 Fedora new [abrt] rsyslog: compare_with_location(): rsyslogd killed by SIGBUS
1047717 Fedora new Shutdown or reboot hangs due to multiple swap disks
1047719 Fedora new journalctl extremely sluggish when journal is big
1047729 Fedora post RFE: allow access to specific groups if journal logs are volatile (stored in /run)
1048424 Fedora new RPM verify fails for /var/log/journal with M ("Mode differs") and G ("Group ownership differs")
1048813 Fedora new pm-utils ignored completely
1049304 Fedora new localectl list-x11-keymap-models does not know 'evdev'
1049306 Fedora new localectl set-x11-keymap wrong arguments handling
1049309 Fedora new localectl status does not report x11 keyboard model unless explicitly set
1049656 Fedora assigned /.autorelabel fails: systemd[..]: Failed at step STDIN spawning /lib/systemd/fedora-autorelabel: Inappropriate ioctl for device
1049668 Fedora new Failed to issue method call: Activation of org.freedesktop.systemd1 timed out
1052262 Fedora new Empty offset not equivalent to -0 for -b option as man page documents
1052747 Fedora new Devices other than HID do not get correct permissions
1053292 Fedora new [abrt] systemd: link_entry_into_array_plus_one(): systemd-journald killed by SIGBUS
1053757 Fedora new 1 minute hang at boot time if an init script is not executable
1054161 Fedora new RFE: support .d/ unit drop-ins for [install] section settings
1054348 Fedora new RFE: Bring up network/ssh during boot failures
1054451 Fedora new sometimes no password prompt for luks root partition on cold boot
1054473 Fedora new RFE: Backport CGroups optimizations
1054549 Fedora assigned svgalib default input devices inoperability
1054929 Fedora new flushing journal freezes system: "Received request to flush runtime journal from PID 1"
1055139 Fedora new nfs mounts fail at boot time if system is also the DNS server
1055570 Fedora new corrupts journals
1056250 Fedora new system reboots instead of shutting down
1056604 Fedora new timer service running too frequently
1057612 Fedora assigned systemd slice systemd-logind : tclass=system perm=start - incorrect checking
1057618 Fedora new sudo su -l hangs for 30 seconds
1057943 Fedora new systemd-logind: Failed to enable subscription
1059476 Fedora new Stop-job-bug encountered when shutting down or rebooting Fedora 20 running as Guest OS in VirtualBox
1059924 Fedora new Sony Vaio Duo 11: suspend to ram broken
1060543 Fedora new Mounting disks takes FOREVER during boot
1060724 Fedora new [abrt] rsyslog: journal_file_move_to_object(): rsyslogd killed by SIGBUS
1061861 Fedora new systemd doesn't clean old journals
1062056 Fedora new System takes an extremely long time to boot when _netdev is listed in mntops in fstab
1062313 Fedora new systemd has excessive delays before going to a shell when it thinks there are missing disks
1062638 Fedora new Failed to start Load/Save Screen Backlight Brightness of acpi_video0.
1062955 Fedora post DOC: document that per-interface sysctl variables are applied on hotplug
1063122 Fedora new yum install or remove triggers "Reboot/Shutdown" then system freeze
1064605 Fedora new open(/etc/selinux/targeted/modules/active/policy.kern) failed: Too many levels of symbolic links
1064641 Fedora new fedora boot hangs if boot take certain amount of time
1065710 Fedora new systemd-analyze fails when targetting user session
1066121 Fedora new Unlocking my root volume fails
1066148 Fedora new RFE: need support for net-prio cgroup controller in systemd
1066525 Fedora new Events based on WATCH udev rule cause the udev db to be out of sync with real state if inotify events are coalesced
1068542 Fedora new socket stays active even though its service cannot start (is masked)
1068973 Fedora new freez boot after update to 3.12
1069828 Fedora new systemd-journald Failed to write entry X bytes ignoring Bad address
1070029 Fedora new systemd does not shutdown
1070268 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/clamscan from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file .
1070403 Fedora new systemd leaves behind processes belonging to logged out users
1071132 Fedora new [abrt] systemd: log_assert_failed(): systemd-logind killed by SIGABRT
1071278 Fedora new systemd picked up a build dependency libseccomp that isn't available on all arches
1071426 Fedora new systemd: asking for root password to suspend
1071508 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/bash from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file .
1071549 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/sbin/unbound-anchor from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file .
1072315 Fedora new boot process hangs with Start Jobs; shutdown process hangs with Stop Jobs...
1072368 Fedora new user manager message flood
1072745 Fedora new [abrt] systemd: sd_bus_message_exit_container(): systemctl killed by SIGSEGV
1072966 Fedora new Upgrade from 208 to 210 made my system unbootable (now needs CONFIG_FHANDLE)
1073128 Fedora new Fedora 20 does not complete boot to login
1073402 Fedora post "man 7 daemon" reference to "" is out of date
1073692 Fedora post Systemd generated coredump
1073714 Fedora new hang at reboot with stop job running for user XXXX
1073830 Fedora new systemd: journalctl does not show recent log entries
1073895 Fedora new RFE: extend timer units to allow also service deactivation
1074220 Fedora new localhost systemd: Unit systemd-logind.service entered failed state
1074259 Fedora post systemd-cryptsetup-generator uses 0 timeout
1074307 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/sbin/runuser from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file .
1074662 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/freshclam from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file .
1074951 Fedora new RFE: Introduce "Between" to timer units
1075106 Fedora new While updating to rawhide: avc: denied { write } for comm="sa1" path="/run/systemd/sessions/2.ref" dev="tmpfs"
1075131 Fedora post systemctl set-default fails with "Failed to set default target: File exists"
1075778 Fedora new SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/bash from 'write' accesses on the fifo_file .
1075980 Fedora new [abrt] systemd: journal_file_move_to_object(): systemd-journald killed by SIGBUS
1076119 Fedora new [ PATCH ] - Enable tests in %check
1077067 Fedora post systemd-gpt-auto-generator out of memory message during boot
1077687 Fedora new [abrt] systemd: munmap(): systemd-journald killed by SIGABRT
1077698 Fedora new systemctl reboot --force hangs forever
1078393 Fedora new White blocks blocks appearing instead of letters in console login prompt
1078616 Fedora new Samba service disabled after update by yum
1079591 Fedora new No GDM on boot, only reboot
1081429 Fedora assigned systemd-hostnamed can't read /dev/urandom
1081786 Fedora new After update systemd user sessions stopped working "Failed to issue method call: Process /bin/false exited with status 1"
1083264 Fedora new Fails to mount luks swap
1084208 Fedora new [abrt] systemd: sd_bus_message_exit_container(): systemctl killed by SIGSEGV
1084401 Fedora new systemd.confirm_spawn=1 should wait forever
1084920 Fedora new RFE: enhanced systemd list-timers and or introduce another command
1084944 Fedora new Events based on WATCH udev rule cause the udev db to be out of sync with real state if inotify events are coalesced
1086177 Fedora new failing displaymanager switches console, making it very hard to recover
1086822 Fedora new pam_mounted home not unmounted after logout
1087907 Fedora new Enable spice-webdavd by default in a VM
1088057 Fedora post RequiresMountsFor doesn't do anything
1088418 Fedora post LC_ALL=C systemd-delta prints escaped unicode characters ('→')
1088619 Fedora new systemd prevents fast shut-down when using kernel 3.13.10-200.fc20.x86_64
1088622 Fedora new Fedora 20 freezes; Fedora 19 runs correctly
1088865 Fedora assigned systemd: Assertion 'path' failed at ../src/shared/cgroup-util.c:915, function cg_is_empty_recursive()
1089427 Fedora new System boots to rescue mode
1089480 Fedora new systemd-udevd: error changing net interface name eth* to em*: File exists
1089544 Fedora new Missing startup information in /var/log/boot.log