wine bugs

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Number Product Status Description
618693 Fedora EPEL new Getting avc on WineMine startup
625979 Fedora new [security] Please make ClamAV scan Wine executables before running them
754925 Fedora EPEL new Wine suite crashes with segmentation fault
851770 Fedora new Text gone in Steam with wine-1.5.11-1.fc17.x86_64 update
882623 Fedora new Prevent access wine to low memory
901858 Fedora assigned Symbols incorrectly displayed
996203 Fedora assigned Wine64 seh:RtlUnwindEx error with c++ exception handling
999187 Fedora new Internet Explorer crashes in wine
1006913 Fedora new Wine Fails to start with excessive number of fonts
1008414 Fedora EPEL assigned problems running wine on x86_64 system
1015792 Fedora new Wine window doesn't behave like a proper Gnome Activity
1033870 Fedora new F20-TC2: wine conflicts with wine-wow-1.7.5-1.fc20.i686
1039763 Fedora new wine-courier-fonts overrides system courier font with limited .fon file
1062722 Fedora new Mono font display corrupted
1066193 Fedora new Keyboard input sometimes doesn't work
1087996 Fedora EPEL assigned May we please have a spin of Wine 1.7 for EPEL
1089018 Fedora new page fault when trying to browse C: using explorer.exe