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Management tools for virtual machines

These are a collection of monitoring and management tools for virtual

Commands we support at the moment include:

  virt-uname      'uname' command, shows OS version, architecture, etc.
  virt-dmesg      'dmesg' command, shows kernel messages
  virt-ps         'ps' command, shows process list

The general idea is that they allow you to monitor virtual machines
without needing to log in to the machine itself or install any extra
software inside the virtual machine.  At the moment we only support
virtual machines running Linux kernel >= 2.6, but we expect to support
other operating systems in the future.

Most of the commands also offer a CSV (comma-separated values) output
format ('virt-xx --csv'), allowing usage from scripts to update
spreadsheets, databases or integrate with existing monitoring systems
like Nagios.

The commands use libvirt to access the underlying virtualization
system, so we support a variety of different systems such as Xen, QEMU
and KVM, and more can be added just by adding support to libvirt.


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