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Branch name Name Release Status
el4 Fedora EPEL 4 EOL
el5 Fedora EPEL 5 EOL
el6 Fedora EPEL 6 Active
epel7 Fedora EPEL 7 Active
f10 Fedora 10 EOL
f11 Fedora 11 EOL
f12 Fedora 12 EOL
f13 Fedora 13 EOL
f14 Fedora 14 EOL
f15 Fedora 15 EOL
f16 Fedora 16 EOL
f17 Fedora 17 EOL
f18 Fedora 18 EOL
f19 Fedora 19 EOL
f20 Fedora 20 EOL
f21 Fedora 21 EOL
f22 Fedora 22 EOL
f23 Fedora 23 EOL
f24 Fedora 24 Active
f25 Fedora 25 Active
f26 Fedora 26 Active
f7 Fedora 7 EOL
f8 Fedora 8 EOL
f9 Fedora 9 EOL
FC-1 Fedora 1 EOL
FC-2 Fedora 2 EOL
FC-3 Fedora 3 EOL
FC-4 Fedora 4 EOL
FC-5 Fedora 5 EOL
fc6 Fedora 6 EOL
master Fedora devel Under Development
OLPC-2 Fedora OLPC 2 EOL
olpc3 Fedora OLPC 3 EOL
OLPC-4 Fedora OLPC 4 EOL
RHL-8 Red Hat Linux 8 EOL
RHL-9 Red Hat Linux 9 EOL