Fedora OLPC 3

Status EOL
Owner ausil
Creation Date Not yet implemented

NetworkManager -- Network connection manager and user applications
SDL_mixer -- Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library
abiword -- The AbiWord word processor
dotconf -- Libraries to parse configuration files
fedora-release -- Fedora release files
gnash -- GNU flash movie player
gnome-python2 -- The sources for the PyGNOME Python extension module
gnome-vfs2 -- The GNOME virtual file-system libraries
gstreamer -- GStreamer streaming media framework runtime
gstreamer-plugins-base -- GStreamer streaming media framework base plug-ins
gstreamer-plugins-good -- GStreamer plug-ins with good code and licensing
gstreamer-python -- Python bindings for GStreamer
hal -- Hardware Abstraction Layer
hal-info -- Device information files for HAL
hulahop -- A pygtk widget for embedding mozilla
initscripts -- The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts
ntp -- The NTP daemon and utilities
ohm -- Open Hardware Manager
olpc-utils -- OLPC utilities
olpcsound -- Csound - sound synthesis language and library, OLPC subset
poppler -- PDF rendering library
pyabiword -- Python bindings for libabiword
pygame -- Python modules for writing games
pygtk2 -- Python bindings for GTK+
python-Levenshtein -- Python extension computing string distances and similarities
python-dotconf -- Parser for the dot.conf configuration file
python-telepathy -- Python libraries for Telepathy
speech-dispatcher -- To provide a high-level device independent layer for speech synthesis
sugar -- Constructionist learning platform
sugar-artwork -- Artwork for Sugar look-and-feel
sugar-base -- Base Sugar library
sugar-datastore -- Sugar Datastore
sugar-evince -- OLPC version of the evince document viewer
sugar-journal -- Journal for Sugar
sugar-presence-service -- The Sugar presence service
sugar-toolkit -- Sugar toolkit
telepathy-gabble -- A Jabber/XMPP connection manager
telepathy-glib -- GLib bindings for Telepathy
telepathy-salut -- Link-local XMPP telepathy connection manager
texlive -- Binaries for the TeX formatting system
totem -- Movie player for GNOME
totem-pl-parser -- Totem Playlist Parser library
upstart -- An event-driven init system
xkeyboard-config -- X Keyboard Extension configuration data
xorg-x11-server -- X.Org X11 X server
xorg-x11-utils -- X.Org X11 X client utilities
xulrunner -- XUL Runtime for Gecko Applications