Fedora devel

Status Under Development
Owner ausil
Creation Date Not yet implemented

python-meld3 -- An HTML/XML templating system for Python
python-meliae -- Python memory usage statistics
python-memcached -- A Python memcached client library
python-messaging -- Python abstraction of a "message", as used in Enterprise Messaging
python-metar -- Coded METAR weather reports parser for Python
python-mglob -- Enhanced file name globbing module
python-migrate -- Schema migration tools for SQLAlchemy
python-migrate0.5 -- schema migration tools for SQLAlchemy
python-mimeparse -- Python module for parsing mime-type names
python-minihallib -- Library to handle HAL devices and events
python-minimock -- The simplest possible mock library
python-mock -- A Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing
python-modargs -- A CLI library that infers arguments from functions in a module
python-modernize -- Modernizes Python code for eventual Python 3 migration
python-modjkapi -- API for modjk management
python-moksha-common -- Common components for Moksha
python-moksha-hub -- Hub components for Moksha
python-moksha-wsgi -- WSGI components for Moksha
python-mongoengine -- A Python Document-Object Mapper for working with MongoDB
python-morbid -- A lightweight message queue for bundled deployment
python-mox -- Mock object framework
python-mozbase -- The Mozilla suite of Python utilities
python-mpd -- Python MPD client library
python-mpmath -- A pure Python library for multiprecision floating-point arithmetic
python-msgpack -- A MessagePack (de)serializer
python-mtTkinter -- A thread-safe version of Tkinter
python-MultipartPostHandler2 -- A handler for urllib2 to enable multipart form uploading
python-multiprocessing -- Backport of the multiprocessing package to Python 2.4 and 2.5
python-multi-registry -- A module that aggregates key-value attributes from multiple sources
python-musicbrainz2 -- Library which provides access to the MusicBrainz Database
python-mutagen -- Mutagen is a Python module to handle audio metadata
python-mwclient -- Mwclient is a client to the MediaWiki API
python-mwlib -- MediaWiki conversion library for Python
python-mwlib-docbook -- DocBook writer for mwlib
python-mwlib-xhtml -- XHTML writer for mwlib
python-myghty -- A Python-based templating system derived from HTML::Mason
python-mygpoclient -- Python module to connect to the my.gpodder.org webservice
python-myhdl -- A python hardware description and verification language
python-narcissus-app -- WSGI components for Narcissus, realtime log visualization
python-narcissus-common -- Common components for Narcissus, realtime log visualization
python-narcissus-hub -- Hub components for Narcissus, realtime log visualization
python-nbxmpp -- Python library for non-blocking use of Jabber/XMPP
python-netaddr -- Network address manipulation, done Pythonically
python-netifaces -- Python library to retrieve information about network interfaces
python-netlib -- Collection of network utility classes
python-networkx -- Creates and Manipulates Graphs and Networks
python-neutronclient -- Python API and CLI for OpenStack Neutron
python-nevow -- Web application construction kit written in Python
python-newt_syrup -- Newt Syrup is an app framework built on top of Newt
python-nitrate -- Python API for the Nitrate test case management system
python-nltk -- Natural Language Toolkit
python-nltk_lite -- Natural Language Toolkit
python-nmap -- A python library which helps in using nmap port scanner
python-nose -- A discovery-based unittest extension for Python
python-nose1.1 -- Discovery-based unittest extension for Python
python-nose-cover3 -- Coverage 3.x support for Nose
python-nose-exclude -- Exclude specific directories from nosetests runs
python-nose-parameterized -- Decorator for parameterized testing with Nose
python-nose-progressive -- Nose plugin to show a progress bar and tracebacks during tests
python-nose-xcover -- Extends nose.plugins.cover to add Cobertura-style XML reports
python-nova-adminclient -- Client library for administering OpenStack Nova
python-novaclient -- Python API and CLI for OpenStack Nova
python-nss -- Python bindings for Network Security Services (NSS)
python-ntplib -- Python module that offers a simple interface to query NTP servers
python-numarray -- Python array manipulation and computational library
python-numdisplay -- Visualize numpy array objects in ds9
python-numeric -- Numerical Extension to Python
python-numexpr -- Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy
python-numpydoc -- Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format
python-nwdiag -- nwdiag generates network-diagram images from text
python-oasa -- Python library for manipulation of chemical formats
python-oauth -- Library for OAuth version 1.0a
python-oauth2 -- Python support for improved oauth
python-oauthlib -- An implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic
python-odict -- Ordered dictionary
python-offtrac -- Trac xmlrpc library
python-ofxparse -- Python library for working with the Open Financial Exchange file format
python-ogg -- Python wrapper for the Ogg libraries
python-okaara -- Library of Python functions that facilitate the creation of command-line interfaces.
python-olpcgames -- Utilities and support tools for writing games on the OLPC system
python-openhpi -- Python interface for OpenHPI
python-openid -- Python OpenID libraries
python-openid-cla -- CLA extension for python-openid
python-openid-teams -- Teams extension for python-openid
python-openoffice -- Python libraries for interacting with OpenOffice.org
python-openopt -- A python module for numerical optimization
python-openstackclient -- OpenStack Command-line Client
python-openstack-nose-plugin -- openstack run_tests.py style output for nosetests
python-optcomplete -- Shell Completion Self-Generator for Python
python-ordereddict -- OrderedDict that works in Python 2.4-2.6
python-oslo-config -- OpenStack common configuration library
python-oslo-messaging -- OpenStack common messaging library
python-oslo-rootwrap -- Oslo Rootwrap
python-oslo-sphinx -- Sphinx theme and extensions support used by OpenStack
python-osmgpsmap -- Python bindings for osm-gps-map GTK+ widget
python-paida -- Pure Python scientific analysis package
python-pam -- Pure Python interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules system on Linux
python-pandas -- Python library providing high-performance data analysis tools
python-paramiko -- A SSH2 protocol library for python
python-parse -- Opposite of format()