Fedora 16

Status EOL
Owner ausil
Creation Date Not yet implemented

vym -- View your mind
w3c-libwww -- HTTP library of common code
w3c-markup-validator -- W3C Markup Validator
w3m -- A pager with Web browsing abilities
wacomexpresskeys -- Wacom ExpressKeys and Touch Strips configuration utility
wadofstuff-django-serializers -- Extended Django Serializer Module
waf -- A Python-based build system
wallaby -- configuration service for Condor pools
wallpaperd -- Background setter supporting random images and per-workspace images
wallpapoz -- Gnome Multi Backgrounds and Wallpapers Configuration Tool
wammu -- Mobile Phone Manager - Gammu GUI
wannier90 -- Maximally-localised Wannier functions
warzone2100 -- Innovative 3D real-time strategy
wastesedge -- Official game package for Adonthell
watchdog -- Software and/or Hardware watchdog daemon
wavbreaker -- Tool for splitting .wav files
wavemon -- Ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices
wavextract -- Program for extracting embedded audio data from JPEG images
wavpack -- A completely open audiocodec
wayland -- the wayland compositing system
wb_builder -- Wishbone Bus Builder
wbfs-manager -- A WBFS manager for Linux using GTK+
wbxml2 -- Library and tools to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents
wcslib -- An implementation of the FITS World Coordinate System standard
wdfs -- WebDAV File System
wdiff -- A front-end to GNU diff
webacula -- web interface of a Bacula backup system
webalizer -- A flexible Web server log file analysis program
webattery -- Command line tool to display battery power status
WebCalendar -- Single/multi-user web-based calendar application
webcpp -- Convert C++ code to HTML
webkitgtk -- GTK+ Web content engine library
webkitgtk3 -- GTK+ 3 port of webkit
webkit-sharp -- .NET bindings for WebKit
websec -- Web Secretary - Web page monitoring software with highlighting
WebShell -- SSL server for web-based SSH access from browsers and mobile devices
websvn -- Online subversion repository browser
weechat -- Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client
weka -- Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis
weplab -- Analyzing WEP encryption security on wireless networks
werken-xpath -- XPath implementation using JDOM
wesnoth -- Turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme
wf -- Simple word frequency counter
wfmath -- WorldForge client math libraries
wfut -- Software updater tool for WorldForge applications
wget -- A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols
wgrib -- Manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB files
wgrib2 -- Manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB2 files
whaawmp -- Lightweight Media Player
whatmask -- Convert between different netmask types and show information
whatsup -- Node up/down detection utility
whereami -- Displays work location
which -- Displays where a particular program in your path is located
whohas -- Command line tool for query package lists
whois -- Improved WHOIS client
whowatch -- Display information about users currently logged on
why -- Why software verification platform
why3 -- Software verification platform
whysynth-dssi -- DSSI software synthesizer plugin
wicd -- Wireless and wired network connection manager
wicd-kde -- A Wicd client built on the KDE Development Platform
widelands -- Open source realtime-strategy game
wifi-radar -- A utility for managing WiFi profiles
wiggle -- A tool for applying patches with conflicts
wiiuse -- The wiiuse library is used to access and control multiple Nintendo Wiimotes
wildmidi -- Softsynth midi player
will-crash -- Set of crashing executables written in various languages
wimax -- WiMAX Network Service for the Intel 2400m
wimax-tools -- Low level user space tools for the Linux WiMAX stack
WindowMaker -- A fast, feature rich Window Manager
wine -- A Windows 16/32/64 bit emulator
wine-docs -- Documentation for wine
wings -- 3D Subdivision Modeler
winpdb -- An advanced python debugger
winwrangler -- Small desktop daemon to perform advanced window manipulations
wipe -- Secure file erasing tool
wireless-tools -- Wireless ethernet configuration tools
wireshark -- Network traffic analyzer
wise2 -- Tools for comparison of biopolymers
wklej -- A wklej.org submitter
wlassistant -- Wireless network management tool
wlmproxy -- An advanced proxy for the MSN Messenger protocol
wmacpi -- Dockapp for laptop acpi/apm information
wmapmload -- Wmapmload monitors your apm status in an lcd display fashion
wmbinclock -- Dockapp which shows the actual system time as binary clock
wmblob -- Dockapp which shows funny moving `blobs'
wmcalc -- Calculator in a WindowMaker dockapp
wmCalClock -- A Calendar clock with antialiased text
wmcore -- Dockapp that shows the usage of each core in the system
wmctrl -- A command line tool to interact with an X Window Manager
wmcube -- Dockapp with a rotating 3d-object and the current CPU load
wmdrawer -- Retractable button bar launcher dockapp
wmeyes -- Dockapp with moving eyes that follow mouse movement
wmfire -- WindowMaker dock app that displays cpu, memory or network load as flames
wmfrog -- A weather application, it shows the weather in a graphical way
wmname -- Prints/sets the EWMH WM name property
wmnet -- Network monitoring dockapp
wmSun -- Rise/Set time of Sun in a dockapp
wmsystemtray -- System tray (freedesktop.org systray protocol) as a Window Maker dock app
wmtop -- Mini graphical version of the CPU monitoring utility top