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drupal6 -- An open-source content-management platform
drupal6-addthis -- AddThis module for Drupal6.
drupal6-admin_menu -- Theme-independent administration interface for Drupal 6
drupal6-authfas -- Drupal 6 module for authentication via a Fedora Account System
drupal6-auto_nodetitle -- "auto_nodetitle" is a small and efficient module that allows hiding of the content title
drupal6-backup_migrate -- Database backup, restore, and migrate module for Drupal 6
drupal6-better_formats -- Adds more flexibility to Drupal's core input format system.
drupal6-block_class -- Allows users to add classes to any block through the block's configuration interface
drupal6-comment_bonus_api -- Comment Bonus API for Drupal6
drupal6-context -- Context Module for Drupal6
drupal6-context_menu_block -- Allows the Menu Block module to be aware of contexts provided by the Context module
drupal6-ctools -- This suite is primarily a set of APIs and tools to improve the developer experience.
drupal6-custom_breadcrumbs -- Custom Breadcrumbs Module for Drupal6
drupal6-devel -- Various blocks, pages, and functions for developers
drupal6-diff -- Show diff-type changes in Drupal 6
drupal6-drush -- Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal
drupal6-eazylaunch -- Eazy Launch Module for Drupal6
drupal6-emfield -- Embedded Media Field module for Drupal6
drupal6-faq -- The Frequently Asked Questions (faq) module allows users, with appropriate permissions, to create question and answer pairs which they want displayed on the 'faq' page.
drupal6-features -- The features module enables the capture and management of features in Drupal. A feature is a collection of Drupal entities which taken together satisfy a certain use-case.
drupal6-features_extra -- Features Extra provides faux exportables (via Features) of several site-building components.
drupal6-feeds -- An import and aggregation framework for Drupal.
drupal6-filefield -- Defines a file field type in Drupal.
drupal6-fivestar -- Adds a clean, attractive voting widget to nodes in Drupal6
drupal6-flag -- Flag is a flexible flagging system that is completely customizable by the administrator
drupal6-freelinking -- The freelinking module implements a filter for the easier creation of HTML links to other pages.
drupal6-geshifilter -- The GeShi Filter module provides a filter for source code syntax highlighting
drupal6-image -- Allows uploading, resizing, and viewing of images in Drupal.
drupal6-image_resize_filter -- This filter makes it easy to resize images, especially when combined with a WYSIWYG editor such as tinyMCE or CKeditor.
drupal6-imageapi -- This module allows users with proper permissions to upload images into Drupal.
drupal6-imagecache -- ImageCache allows you to setup presets for image processing.
drupal6-imagecache_profiles -- This module allows you to set user profile pictures that are consistent on user profile
drupal6-imagefield -- ImageField provides an image upload field for CCK.
drupal6-insert -- Insert is a utility that makes inserting images and links to files into text areas or WYSIWYGs much easier.
drupal6-job_scheduler -- Simple API for scheduling tasks once at a predetermined time or periodically at a fixed interval
drupal6-link -- With this module links can be added easily to any content types and profiles.
drupal6-login_destination -- Customize login landing page in Drupal 6
drupal6-markdown -- Provides Markdown filter integration for Drupal input formats.
drupal6-media_vimeo -- This module adds support for videos by the Vimeo provider to Embedded Media Field
drupal6-media_youku -- Provides support for the Youku video provider for Embedded Media Field
drupal6-menu_block -- Menu block module for Drupal6
drupal6-messaging -- Messaging Framework to allow message sending in an independent way
drupal6-mobile_tools -- The Mobile Tools module provides some tools to assist in making a site mobile
drupal6-node_import -- Allows users to import node content from a CSV or TSV file
drupal6-notifications -- This is a complete Subscriptions/Notifications Framework
drupal6-og -- Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'
drupal6-path_redirect -- Redirect users from one URL to another
drupal6-pathauto -- Automatically generates path aliases
drupal6-prepopulate -- Allows form elements to be pre-populated from the URL
drupal6-rules -- It allows site administrators to define conditionally executed actions.
drupal6-stringoverrides -- Provides a quick and easy way of replacing text
drupal6-strongarm -- Strongarm gives a way to override the default variable values.
drupal6-theme-ninesixty -- Ninesixty theme for Drupal 6
drupal6-token -- Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents
drupal6-user_badges -- Enables assignment of graphical badges to users and roles
drupal6-userpoints -- Provides an API for users to gain or lose points
drupal6-userpoints_votingapi -- Integrates User Points with Voting API-based modules like Fivestar
drupal6-vertical_tabs -- Provides vertical tabs for supported forms like the node edit page
drupal6-views_bonus -- Views Bonus module for Drupal6
drupal6-views_bulk_operations -- This module augments Views by allowing bulk operations to be executed.
drupal6-views_customfield -- Provides a number of custom views fields (rownumber, phpcode, ...)
drupal6-views_datasource -- Plugins for Drupal Views for rendering content in a number formats
drupal6-vote_up_down -- Provides a configurable up/down voting widget for other modules
drupal6-votingapi -- Voting API module for Drupal6
drupal6-wikitools -- Provides helper functionality to have wiki-like behavior
drupal7 -- An open-source content-management platform
drupal7-active_tags -- Active Tags is a pure JavaScript widget for changing how users enter taxonomy terms by piggy backing onto taxonomy modules, such as Taxonomy and/or Content Taxonomy. This keeps Active Tags simple and small.
drupal7-admin_language -- Displays administration pages in preferred language
drupal7-advanced_help -- Allows module developers to store their help outside the module system in html
drupal7-auto_nodetitle -- A small and efficient module that allows hiding of the content title
drupal7-backup_migrate -- Backup and Migrate simplifies the task of backing up and restoring your Drupal database or copying your database from one Drupal site to another.
drupal7-boxes -- Provides exports for custom blocks and spaces integration
drupal7-calendar -- This module will display any Views date field in calendar formats
drupal7-cck -- The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser.
drupal7-chosen -- Chosen uses the Chosen jQuery plugin to make your <select> elements more user-friendly.
drupal7-ckeditor -- Replace textarea fields with the CKEditor - a visual HTML editor
drupal7-context -- Context allows you to manage contextual conditions and reactions for different portions of your site.
drupal7-crumbs -- The ultimate breadcrumbs module
drupal7-cs_adaptive_image -- Client-side adaptive image
drupal7-ctools -- CTools module for Drupal 7
drupal7-date -- Date content type and APIs for Drupal 7
drupal7-date_ical -- Allows creation of an iCal feed in Views
drupal7-diff -- Show diff-type changes in Drupal 7
drupal7-domain -- A domain-based access control system
drupal7-domain_locale -- Adds language handling functionality per domain basis
drupal7-domain_views -- Provides Views integration for Domain Access
drupal7-drush_language -- Drush language commands
drupal7-ds -- Extend the display options for every entity type
drupal7-entity -- This module extends the entity API of Drupal core in order to provide a unified way to deal with entities and their properties. Additionally, it provides an entity CRUD controller, which helps simplifying the creation of new entity types.
drupal7-entity_translation -- Allows entities to be translated into different languages
drupal7-eva -- "Eva" is short for "Entity Views Attachment;" it provides a Views display plugin that allows the output of a View to be attached to the content of any Drupal entity.
drupal7-features -- Provides feature management for Drupal
drupal7-features_extra -- Provides faux exportables of several site-building components
drupal7-features_plumber -- The Features Plumber UI module adds check boxes to the feature create form, and un-checking these detected components will cause them to be removed from the actual generated export.
drupal7-feeds -- An import and aggregation framework for Drupal
drupal7-fences -- Configurable field wrappers
drupal7-field_permissions -- The Field Permissions module is a drop-in replacement for the Content Permissions module shipped with CCK.
drupal7-file_entity -- File entity (fieldable files)
drupal7-file_entity_inline -- Makes field entities editable within other entities
drupal7-fivestar -- The Fivestar voting module adds a clean, attractive voting widget to nodes in Drupal 5, 6 and7. Developed by Lullabot and an officially supported module in Acquia Drupal.
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