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sugar-abacus -- A simple abacus activity for Sugar
sugar-countries -- a sugar activity to play with identifying countries
sugar-flip -- Simple strategic game for sugar
sugar-fototoon -- A cartoon creating game for Sugar
sugar-fractionbounce -- A game which teaches fractions and estimations
sugar-hello-world -- Sugar activity to print "Hello world" on screen
sugar-jukebox -- Media player activity for Sugar
sugar-labyrinth -- A lightweight mind-mapping activity for Sugar
sugar-locosugar -- A game for discovering how to use the mouse and keyboard
sugar-maze -- Maze for Sugar
sugar-measure -- Measure functionality for Sugar
sugar-nutrition -- A collection of nutrition games
sugar-portfolio -- Portfolio is a simple tool for generating slide show from starred Journal entries
sugar-pukllanapac -- A sliding puzzle game
sugar-recall -- A series of memory games
sugar-ruler -- Simple collection of measurement tools
sugar-typing-turtle -- A multilingual animated touch typing trainer
sugar-visualmatch -- A visual matching game
sugar-words -- A multi lingual dictionary with speech synthesis for Sugar