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Only packages with these acls:
anki -- Flashcard program for using space repetition learning
banshee -- Easily import, manage, and play selections from your music collection
banshee-community-extensions -- Collection of extensions for the media player Banshee
boo -- Boo is an OO statically typed language for CLI
calibre -- E-book converter and library manager
celt071 -- Celt version 0.7.1 for mumble compatibility
clutter-sharp -- C#/.NET bindings to Clutter
dbus-sharp -- C# bindings for D-Bus
dbus-sharp-glib -- C# bindings for D-Bus glib main loop integration
dualscreen-mouse-utils -- Utilities for use with dual head setups using independent screens
f-spot -- Photo management application
flickrnet -- .NET library to interact with the Flickr API
gio-sharp -- C# bindings for gio
gkeyfile-sharp -- C# bindings for glib2's keyfile implementation
gnome-desktop-sharp -- .NET language binding for mono
gnome-do -- Quick launch and search
gnome-keyring-sharp -- Mono implementation of GNOME Keyring
googlecl -- Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
gpx-viewer -- A simple gpx viewer
gthumb -- Image viewer, editor, organizer
gtk-sharp-beans -- C# bindings for GTK+ API not included in GTK#
gtk-sharp2 -- GTK+ and GNOME bindings for Mono
gtkpod -- Graphical song management program for Apple's iPod
gtksourceview-sharp -- A C sharp binder for gtksourceview
gtksourceview2-sharp -- A C sharp binder for gtksourceview2
gudev-sharp -- C# bindings for gudev
libgdiplus -- libgdiplus: An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API
libgpod -- Library to access the contents of an iPod
libopenraw -- Decode camera RAW files
mod_mono -- A module to deploy an ASP.NET application on Apache with Mono
mono -- A .NET runtime environment
mono-addins -- Addins for mono
mono-basic -- VisualBasic.NET support for mono
mono-debugger -- A debugger for Mono
mono-tools -- A collection of tools for mono applications
mono-zeroconf -- Mono-zeroconf namespace
monodevelop -- A full-featured IDE for Mono and Gtk#
monodevelop-debugger-gdb -- Debugger for monodevelop using gdb
monodevelop-vala -- Vala plugin for monodevelop
mumble -- Voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming
nall -- A simple, non-intrusive, everything notifier in the system tray
nant -- NAnt is a build tool for Mono and .NET
ndesk-dbus -- Managed C# implementation of DBus
ndesk-dbus-glib -- Provides glib mainloop integration for ndesk-dbus
notify-sharp -- A C# implementation for Desktop Notifications
perl-Authen-Krb5-Admin -- Perl extension for MIT Kerberos 5 admin interface
perl-JSON-RPC-Common -- Perl module for handling JSON-RPC objects
pianobooster -- A MIDI file player that teaches you how to play the piano
pyaudio -- Python bindings for PortAudio
pymodbus -- A Modbus Protocol Stack in Python
scummvm -- Interpreter for several adventure games
scummvm-tools -- Tools for scummVM / S.C.U.M.M scripting language
solfege -- Music education software
synergy -- Mouse and keyboard sharing utility
taglib-sharp -- Provides tag reading and writing for Banshee and other Mono apps
timidity++ -- A software wavetable MIDI synthesizer
uml_utilities -- Utilities for user-mode linux kernel
vpnc -- IPSec VPN client compatible with Cisco equipment
xbindkeys -- Binds keys or mouse buttons to shell commands under X.
xskat -- The card game Skat
xsp -- A small web server that hosts ASP.NET