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Only packages with these acls:
MegaMek -- A portable, network-enabled BattleTech engine
aqute-bndlib -- BND Library
bea-stax -- Streaming API for XML
byaccj -- Parser Generator with Java Extension
checkstyle -- Java source code checker
classworlds -- Classworlds Classloader Framework
compat-libffi -- A portable foreign function interface compatability library
dom4j -- Open Source XML framework for Java
dtdparser -- A Java DTD Parser
dumbster -- Fake SMTP Server
easymock -- Easy mock objects
ecj -- Eclipse Compiler for Java
eclipse -- An open, extensible IDE
gnu-regexp -- Java NFA regular expression engine implementation
icedtea-web -- Additional Java components for OpenJDK
icu4j -- International Components for Unicode for Java
isorelax -- Public interfaces for RELAX Core
jakarta-commons-httpclient -- Jakarta Commons HTTPClient implements the client side of HTTP standards
java-1.5.0-gcj -- JPackage runtime compatibility layer for GCJ
java-1.7.0-openjdk -- OpenJDK runtime environment
java-1.8.0-openjdk -- OpenJDK Runtime Environment
jna -- Pure Java access to native libraries
jpackage-utils -- JPackage utilities
jtidy -- HTML syntax checker and pretty printer
maven-doxia-sitetools -- Doxia content generation framework
maven-wagon -- Tools to manage artifacts and deployment
maven2 -- Java project management and project comprehension tool
maven2-common-poms -- Common poms for maven2
netbeans-platform -- NetBeans Platform 9
plexus-archiver -- Plexus Archiver Component
plexus-classworlds -- Plexus Classworlds Classloader Framework
plexus-containers -- Containers for Plexus
plexus-i18n -- Plexus I18N Component
relaxngDatatype -- RELAX NG Datatype API
saxon -- Java XSLT processor
saxpath -- Simple API for XPath
sinjdoc -- Documentation generator for Java source code
svnkit -- Pure Java Subversion client library
system-switch-java -- A tool for changing the default Java toolset
visualvm -- Lightweight profiler that integrates many command-line JDK tools
ws-jaxme -- Open source implementation of JAXB
xml-commons-resolver -- Resolver subproject of xml-commons.
xom -- XML Pull Parser
xpp2 -- XML Pull Parser
xpp3 -- XML Pull Parser