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Agda -- Dependently typed functional language commandline
ShellCheck -- Tool for checking common errors in POSIX shell scripts
alex -- A lexer generator for Haskell
bluetile -- Easy tiling window manager for GNOME
brainfuck -- Haskell brainfuck library
cab -- Haskell cabal wrapper program
cabal-dev -- Haskell package sandboxing tool
cabal-install -- Haskell package tool
cabal-rpm -- Create RPM spec files from Haskell Cabal packages
cpphs -- C pre-processor for Haskell
darcs -- David's advanced revision control system
emacs-haskell-mode -- Haskell editing mode for Emacs
ghc -- Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
ghc-Agda -- Dependently typed functional programming language
ghc-Boolean -- Generalized booleans
ghc-ConfigFile -- configuration file library for Haskell
ghc-Diff -- A O(ND) diff algorithm in Haskell
ghc-ForSyDe -- A formal system design methodology library for Haskell
ghc-GLUT -- bindings to the C GLUT library
ghc-HSH -- Allows to mix shell expressions with Haskell programs
ghc-HTTP -- Haskell HTTP client library
ghc-HUnit -- unit testing support for Haskell
ghc-IOSpec -- A pure specification of the IO monad
ghc-IfElse -- Anaphoric and miscellaneous control-flow
ghc-MemoTrie -- Trie-based memo functions
ghc-MissingH -- Large utility library
ghc-MonadCatchIO-mtl -- Monad-transformer for Control.Exception
ghc-MonadCatchIO-transformers -- Exception handling with IO monad transformers
ghc-MonadRandom -- A random number generation monad
ghc-NumInstances -- Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples
ghc-OpenGL -- bindings to the C OpenGL library
ghc-QuickCheck -- Automatic testing of Haskell programs
ghc-SHA -- Message digest functions
ghc-SafeSemaphore -- Much safer replacement for QSemN, QSem, and SampleVar
ghc-Stream -- Provides functions to create and manipulate infinite lists
ghc-X11 -- Haskell X11 library
ghc-X11-xft -- Haskell binding to Xft
ghc-aeson -- Fast JSON parsing and encoding
ghc-aeson-pretty -- JSON pretty-printing library
ghc-ansi-terminal -- A library to provide simple ANSI terminal support
ghc-ansi-wl-pprint -- The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output
ghc-arrows -- Classes that extend the Arrow class
ghc-async -- Asynchronous IO operations
ghc-attempt -- Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures
ghc-attoparsec -- Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings
ghc-attoparsec-conduit -- Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit
ghc-attoparsec-enumerator -- Haskell attoparsec to iteree library
ghc-base-unicode-symbols -- Unicode alternatives to Haskell operators and functions
ghc-base16-bytestring -- ByteString hex encoding and decoding
ghc-base64-bytestring -- Fast base64 encoding and deconding for ByteStrings
ghc-binary -- Haskell binary serialisation
ghc-binary-shared -- Haskell library for sharing binary elements
ghc-blaze-builder -- Builder to efficiently append text
ghc-blaze-builder-conduit -- Convert builder streams to bytestring streams
ghc-blaze-builder-enumerator -- Enumeratees for conversion of builders to bytestrings
ghc-blaze-html -- Fast HTML combinator library for Haskell
ghc-blaze-markup -- Fast markup combinator library
ghc-blaze-textual -- Library for fast rendering of common data types
ghc-bloomfilter -- A fast, space efficient Bloom filter implementation
ghc-byteable -- Type class for sequence of bytes
ghc-byteorder -- Exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system
ghc-bytestring-nums -- Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings
ghc-bytestring-trie -- An efficient finite map from (byte)strings to values
ghc-cabal-file-th -- Template Haskell expressions for reading cabal files
ghc-cairo -- Haskell Cairo bindings
ghc-case-insensitive -- Haskell case-insensitive string comparison
ghc-cautious-file -- Provides ways to write a file cautiously
ghc-cereal -- A binary serialization library
ghc-cgi -- Haskell library for writing CGI programs
ghc-citeproc-hs -- Haskell library for the Citation Style Language
ghc-cmdargs -- Haskell command argument parsing
ghc-colour -- A model for human colour/color perception
ghc-concatenative -- A library for postfix control flow
ghc-concrete-typerep -- Provides Binary and Hashable instances for TypeRep
ghc-conduit -- Streaming data processing library
ghc-cookie -- HTTP cookie parsing and rendering
ghc-crypto-api -- Generic interface for cryptographic operations
ghc-crypto-cipher-types -- Generic cryptography cipher types
ghc-cryptohash -- Haskell crypto hashes
ghc-css-text -- CSS parser and renderer
ghc-csv -- CSV loader and dumper
ghc-data-accessor -- Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records
ghc-data-default -- A class for types with a default value
ghc-data-default-class -- A class for types with a default value
ghc-data-inttrie -- A simple lazy, infinite trie from integers
ghc-data-memocombinators -- Combinators for building memo tables
ghc-data-reify -- Converts recursive data structures into graphs
ghc-dataenc -- Haskell encoding library
ghc-date-cache -- Date cacher
ghc-dbus -- Haskell client library for the D-Bus IPC system
ghc-deepseq -- Haskell library to fully evaluate data structures
ghc-derive -- A program and library to derive instances for data types
ghc-digest -- Haskell hash digest library
ghc-dlist -- Haskell package that provides difference lists
ghc-dotgen -- Simple interface to build .dot graph files
ghc-edit-distance -- Levenshtein and restricted Damerau-Levenshtein edit distances
ghc-editline -- Haskell editline library
ghc-entropy -- Platform independent entropy source
ghc-enumerator -- Implementation of Oleg Kiselyov's left-fold enumerators
ghc-executable-path -- Haskell library to find full path of an executable
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