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chisholm-to-be-continued-fonts -- Decorative Sans Serif Font
django-dpaste -- dpaste is a code pastebin application using Django.
django-mptt -- Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal
django-tracking -- Django site visitor tracking, including basic blacklisting
pam_url -- PAM module to authenticate with HTTP servers
php-LightweightPicasaAPI -- A lightweight API for Picasa in PHP
pydf -- Fully colorized df clone written in python
python26-PyYAML -- YAML parser and emitter for Python
python26-msgpack -- A Python MessagePack (de)serializer
salt -- A parallel remote execution and configuration management engine
salt-api -- salt-api is a modular interface on top of Salt that can provide a variety of entry points into a running Salt system.
salt-cloud -- Generic cloud provisioning tool
wordpress-plugin-defaults -- Plugin to allow various defaults to be set for wordpress installations