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Only packages with these acls:
LogService -- DIET middleware logging service
atkmm -- C++ interface for the ATK library
bakery -- C++ framework for creating GNOME applications using gtkmm
bygfoot -- Bygfoot Football Manager
cairomm -- Cairomm is the C++ API for the cairo graphics library
diet -- A computational servers toolkit
gazpacho -- Glade Interface Creator
gconfmm26 -- C++ wrapper for GConf2
glibmm24 -- C++ interface for GTK2 (a GUI library for X)
glom -- Easy-to-use database designer and user interface
goocanvas -- A new canvas widget for GTK+ that uses cairo for drawing
goocanvas2 -- canvas widget for Gtk+3
goocanvasmm -- C++ interface for goocanvas
goocanvasmm2 -- goocanvas2 C++ bindings
gstreamermm -- C++ wrapper for GStreamer library
gtkmm24 -- C++ interface for GTK2 (a GUI library for X)
gtkmm30 -- C++ interface for the GTK+ library
gtksourceviewmm -- A C++ wrapper for the gtksourceview widget library
gtksourceviewmm3 -- A C++ wrapper for gtksourceview3
ice -- The Ice base runtime and services
libepc -- Easy Publish and Consume library
libgda -- Library for writing gnome database programs
libgdamm -- C++ wrappers for libgda
libglademm24 -- C++ wrapper for libglade
libnotifymm -- C++ interface for libnotify
libsexymm -- C++ wrapper for libsexy
libsigc++20 -- Typesafe signal framework for C++
libvtemm -- C++ bindings for vte
libxml++ -- C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML parser library
listen -- A music manager and player for GNOME
lxc -- Linux Resource Containers
nvi -- 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi
office-runner -- office-runner is a game for laptop owner to time the duration needed to go from a place to another, from a meeting to another for instance.
omniORB -- A robust high performance CORBA ORB for C++ and Python
opencv -- Collection of algorithms for computer vision
osc -- openSUSE Build Service Commander
osc-source_validator -- osc source validator
pangomm -- C++ interface for Pango
pessulus -- A lockdown editor for GNOME
plotmm -- GTKmm plot widget for scientific applications
poedit -- GUI editor for GNU gettext .po files
pygoocanvas -- GooCanvas python bindings
python-feedparser -- Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python
python-flask -- A micro-framework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 and good intentions
python-flask-sqlalchemy -- Adds sqlalchemy support to flask application
python-kiwi -- Framework for Python GUI applications
python-ldappool -- A connection pool for python-ldap
python-mpd -- Python MPD client library
python-py2pack -- py2pack is designed to generate distribution packages from Python packages on PyPI
python-setproctitle -- Python module to customize a process title
python-sexy -- Python bindings to libsexy
python-werkzeug -- The Swiss Army knife of Python web development
python-yolk -- Command-line too querying PyPi and Python packages installed on your system
scythia -- Just a small ftp client
torque -- Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager
weechat -- Portable, fast, light and extensible IRC client
xqilla -- XQilla is an XQuery and XPath 2.0 library, built on top of Xerces-C