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Only packages with these acls:
BibTool -- A Tool for manipulating BibTeX data bases
PyQt -- Python bindings for Qt3
ScientificPython -- A collection of Python modules that are useful for scientific computing
bibexport -- Extract entries from BibTeX and .aux files
cmake28 -- A package of CMake 2.8.x
coan -- A command line tool for simplifying the pre-processor conditionals in source code
ctpl -- Template library and engine written in C
djview4 -- DjVu viewer
djvulibre -- DjVu viewers, encoders, and utilities
dvipdfm -- A DVI to PDF translator
dvipdfmx -- A DVI to PDF translator
dvipng -- Converts DVI files to PNG/GIF format
emacs -- GNU Emacs text editor
emacs-auctex -- Enhanced TeX modes for Emacs
emacs-common-ebib -- A BibTeX database manager that runs in Emacs and XEmacs
emacs-common-muse -- Emacs Muse is an authoring and publishing environment for Emacs
fail2ban -- Ban IPs that make too many password failures
geany -- A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2
geany-plugins -- A bundle of plugins for Geany
grace -- Numerical Data Processing and Visualization Tool
gts -- GNU Triangulated Surface Library
i3 -- Improved tiling window manager
perl-HTML-Tiny -- Lightweight, dependency free HTML/XML generation
plug -- Linux replacement for Fender FUSE software for Mustang amps
python-fiat -- Generation of arbitrary order instances of the Lagrange elements
python-instant -- Python module for instant inlining of C and C++ code
python-matplotlib -- Python plotting library
python-ufc -- A unified framework for finite element assembly
shorewall -- An iptables front end for firewall configuration
tetex-elsevier -- Elsevier LaTeX style files and documentation
vtk -- The Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library
xdvik -- An X viewer for DVI files