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Only packages with these acls:
arptables -- User space tool to set up tables of ARP rules in kernel
arptables_jf -- Userspace control program for the arptables network filter.
bind10 -- The BIND10 DNS and DHCP suite
c2esp -- CUPS driver for Kodak AiO printers
cups -- Common Unix Printing System
cups-filters -- OpenPrinting CUPS filters and backends
dbus-c++ -- Native C++ bindings for D-Bus
dhcp -- Dynamic host configuration protocol software
dia -- Diagram drawing program
dstat -- Versatile resource statistics tool
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr -- Drivers for Epson inkjet printers
ethtool -- Ethernet settings tool for PCI ethernet cards
firewalld -- A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall
foomatic -- Database of printers and printer drivers
foomatic-db -- Database of printers and printer drivers
gutenprint -- Printer Drivers Package.
hostname -- Provides commands which can be used to display the system's DNS name, and to display or set its hostname or NIS domain name
hplip -- HP Linux Imaging and Printing Project
iproute -- Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools
iptables -- Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities
jasper -- Implementation of the JPEG-2000 standard, Part 1
jbigkit -- JBIG1 lossless image compression tools
libnftnl -- Library for low-level interaction with nftables Netlink's API over libmnl
lockdev -- A library for locking devices
min12xxw -- Converts PBM stream to Minolta printer language
mnemosyne -- Flash-card learning tool
net-tools -- Basic networking tools
netplug -- Daemon that responds to network cables being plugged in and out
nftables -- Netfilter Tables userspace utilities
pkpgcounter -- Computes number of pages or quantity of ink needed to print documents
pstoedit -- Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats
psutils -- PostScript Utilities
ptouch-driver -- CUPS driver for Brother P-touch label printers
pyppd -- PPD file compressor and generator for CUPS
python-cups -- Python bindings for CUPS
python-lxml -- ElementTree-like Python bindings for libxml2 and libxslt
python-smbc -- Python bindings for libsmbclient API from Samba
python-utmp -- Python modules for umtp records
qpdf -- Command-line tools and library for transforming PDF files
radvd -- A Router Advertisement daemon
recode -- Conversion between character sets and surfaces
rudesocket -- Library (C++ API) for creating client sockets
splix -- Driver for QPDL/SPL2 printers (Samsung and several Xerox printers)
system-config-printer -- A printer administration tool
warmux -- 2D turn-based artillery game