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akonadi -- PIM Storage Service
analitza -- Library of mathematical features
apiextractor -- Library headers parser to extract API information
appmenu-qt -- Global application menu to Qt
ark -- Archive manager
arora -- A cross platform web browser
attica -- Implementation of the Open Collaboration Services API
audiocd-kio -- Audiocd kio slave
automoc -- Automatic moc for Qt 4
baloo -- A framework for searching and managing metadata
baloo-widgets -- Widgets for Baloo
bangarang -- Media Player with nepomuk support
bcache-tools -- Tools for Linux kernel block layer cache
beefy-miracle-kde-theme -- Beefy Miracle KDE Theme
blinken -- Memory Enhancement Game
bluedevil -- Bluetooth stack for KDE
bomber -- Arcade bombing game
bovo -- Five in a row game
cagibi -- SSDP (UPnP discovery) cache/proxy daemon
cantor -- KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software
clucene -- A C++ port of Lucene
cmake -- Cross-platform make system
colord-kde -- Colord support for KDE
constantine-kde-theme -- Constantine KDE Theme
contextkit -- Contextual information collection framework
contour -- A context sensitive user interface for Plasma Active
dee-qt -- Qt bindings and QML plugin for Dee
dfu-util -- USB Device Firmware Upgrade tool
dogtail -- GUI test tool and automation framework
dragon -- Media player
filelight -- Graphical disk usage statistics
generatorrunner -- Plugin-based application to run apiextractor-based generators
gnash -- GNU flash movie player
goddard-kde-theme -- Goddard KDE Theme
granatier -- Place bombs to kill enemies and remove obstacles
heisenbug-kde-theme -- Heisenbug KDE Theme
herqq -- A software library for building UPnP devices and control points
jovie -- Text to speech support
juk -- Jukebox and music manager for KDE
k3b -- CD/DVD burning application
kaccessible -- An accessibility bridge plugin
kactivities -- API for using and interacting with Activities
kajongg -- Classical Mah Jongg game for four players
kalgebra -- MathML-based graph calculator
kalzium -- Periodic Table of Elements
kamera -- Digikam camera support for KDE
kanagram -- Letter Order Game
kapman -- A collecting game
kate -- Advanced Text Editor
katomic -- An educational game built around molecular geometry
kblackbox -- A game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes
kblocks -- A classic falling blocks game
kbounce -- Ball bouncing game
kbreakout -- Destroy bricks with a ball
kbruch -- Practice Fractions
kcalc -- Scientific calculator
kcharselect -- Character selector
kcolorchooser -- A color chooser
kde-artwork-active -- Artwork for Plasma Active
kde-base-artwork -- KDE Base Artwork
kde-baseapps -- KDE Core Applications
kde-filesystem -- KDE filesystem layout
kde-plasma-ihatethecashew -- Removes the KDE Plasma Cashew From the Corner of the Display
kde-plasma-quickaccess -- Plasma applet for quick access to the most used folders
kde-plasma-runcommand -- Simple plasmoid to run commands without using terminal or KRunner
kde-plasma-translatoid -- Translator Using Google Translator
kde-print-manager -- Printer management for KDE
kde-runtime -- KDE Runtime
kde-settings -- Config files for kde
kde-style-skulpture -- Classical three-dimensional style for KDE
kde-wallpapers -- KDE Wallpapers
kde-workspace -- KDE Workspace
kdeaccessibility -- K Desktop Environment - Accessibility
kdeaddons -- K Desktop Environment - Plugins
kdeadmin -- K Desktop Environment - Administrative tools
kdeartwork -- Additional artwork for KDE
kdebase3 -- K Desktop Environment 3 - core files
kdebindings -- KDE bindings to non-C++ languages
kdeedu -- Educational/Edutainment applications
kdegames -- K Desktop Environment 4 - Games
kdegraphics -- K Desktop Environment - Graphics Applications
kdegraphics-mobipocket -- A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer -- Strigi analyzers for various graphic types
kdegraphics-thumbnailers -- thumbnailers for various graphic types
kdelibs -- K Desktop Environment 4 - Libraries
kdemultimedia -- K Desktop Environment - Multimedia applications
kdenetwork -- K Desktop Environment - Network Applications
kdenetwork-filesharing -- Network filesharing
kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers -- Strigi Analyzer plugins
kdepim -- PIM (Personal Information Manager) applications
kdepimlibs -- K Desktop Environment 4 - PIM Libraries
kdeplasma-addons -- Additional plasmoids for KDE
kdesdk -- The KDE Software Development Kit (SDK)
kdesvn -- A subversion client for KDE4 with KIO integration
kdeutils -- K Desktop Environment - Utilities
kdewebdev -- Web development applications
kdf -- View disk usage
kdiamond -- A three-in-a-row game
kdnssd -- KDE Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf)
kfilemetadata -- A library for extracting file metadata
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