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Only packages with these acls:
blktap -- blktap user space utilities
ceph -- User space components of the CEPH file system
ehcache-parent -- Ehcache Parent
ehcache-sizeof-agent -- Sige of agent for ehcache
fedora-release-notes -- Release Notes for Fedora
hwdata -- Hardware identification and configuration data
jakarta-commons-httpclient -- Jakarta Commons HTTPClient implements the client side of HTTP standards
openstack-swift -- OpenStack Object Storage
perl-RT-Extension-CommandByMail -- Change metadata of a RT ticket via email
php-IDNA_Convert -- Internationalied domain name to UTF-8 converter
php-LightweightPicasaAPI -- A lightweight API for Picasa in PHP
php-channel-htmlpurifier -- Adds htmlpurifier project channel to PEAR
php-fpdf -- PHP library to generate PDF iles
php-gettext -- Gettext emulation in php
php-htmlpurifier-htmlpurifier -- standars-compliant HTML filter library
php-nusoap -- SOAP toolkit for PHP
php-pear-File-Bittorrent2 -- Decode and encode data in Bittorrent format
php-pear-OLE -- Package for reading and writing OLE containers
php-pear-Spreadsheet-Excel-Writer -- Package for generating excel spreadsheets
php-phpSmug -- PHP wrapper for the SmugMug API
php-simplepie -- Simple RSS Library in PHP
phpFlickr -- PHP client library for Flickr
phpesp -- PHP-based web survey application
postal -- mail server benchmark
pywbem -- Python WBEM Client and Provider Interface
sahana -- Sahana is a free open source disaster management application
sheepdog -- Distributed storage system for KVM/QEMU
spew -- I/O performance measurement and load generation tool
xenserverjava -- Java SDK for XenServer
xml-maven-plugin -- Maven XML plugin
zapplet -- Zenoss Tray Applet
zikula -- Zikula is a free open source Web Application Framework
zikula-module-News -- Manages news articles on your Zikula site