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bchunk -- CD image format converter from .bin/.cue to .iso/.cdr
chntpw -- Change passwords in Windows SAM files
dnstop -- Displays information about DNS traffic on your network
fftw -- Fast Fourier Transform library
glpk -- GNU Linear Programming Kit
irc-otr -- Off-The-Record Messaging plugin for various irc clients
libifp -- A general-purpose library-driver for iRiver's iFP portable audio players
libtorrent -- BitTorrent library with a focus on high performance & good code
mpfi -- An interval arithmetic library based on MPFR
perl-Modern-Perl -- Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command
pyifp -- Python Bindings for libifp
python-gntp -- Growl Notification Transport Protocol for Python
python-listquote -- Functions for Lists, Quotes and CSVs
python-rsslib -- Create RSS feeds in Python
python-yenc -- yEnc Module for Python
rescene -- Extracts RAR metadata and recreates RAR files
rtorrent -- BitTorrent client based on libtorrent
taginfo -- Printer of Tag Information from Media Files
xchat-ruby -- An X-Chat plugin providing scripting functionality with Ruby
xdialog -- X11 drop in replacement for cdialog