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Only packages with these acls:
clojure -- A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine
clojure-compat -- A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine
darkclient -- A command line tool for the darkroom service. server
darkserver -- GNU build-id service
kphotobymail -- A PyKDE based application for uploading photos to flickr account
lancet -- A build tool like Ant or Rake
lekhonee -- A blog client
lekhonee-gnome -- The gnome frontend for lekhonee wordpress client
librfid -- The librfid is a Free Software RFID library
mediascrapper -- A script to scrap media files from different sites
pem -- Personal Expenses Manager
pony -- Pony is a simple image manager
prozilla -- Advanced Linux download manager
pss -- A power-tool for searching inside source code file
pycolumnize -- Python module to align in columns a simple list
pyelftools -- Pure-Python library for parsing and analyzing ELF files
python-cdb -- Constant database library adapted as a python extension module
python-chardet -- Character encoding auto-detection in Python
python-ctags -- A python wrapper to read tags library
python-daemon -- Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process
python-elfdata -- Python wrapper to get ELF data
python-flickrapi -- Python module for interfacing with the Flickr API
python-pandas -- Python library providing high-performance data analysis tools
python-retask -- python module to create and manage distributed task queues
python-rpi-gpio -- Python module to control the GPIO on a Raspberry Pi
python-ujson -- An ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder written in pure C
python-walkdir -- Python module to manipulate and filter os.walk() style iteration
python-xklavier -- Python bindings for libxklavier
sparcy -- Command line utility for Sparc Systems GPS loggers
translation-filter -- A l10n file filter
wtop -- "top" for webservers