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NaturalDocs -- Documentation generator for multiple programming languages
NetworkManager-pptp -- NetworkManager VPN plugin for pptp
Pound -- Reverse proxy and load balancer
SDL_gfx -- Graphic primitives, rotozoomer, framerate control and image filters
afpfs-ng -- Apple Filing Protocol client
apache-commons-discovery -- Apache Commons Discovery
astronomy-menus -- Astronomy menu for the Desktop
bam -- A build-system
btkbdd -- Software bluetooth keyboard
centerim -- Text mode menu- and window-driven IM
clearlooks-compact-gnome-theme -- GNOME Desktop theme optimized for small displays
coreboot-utils -- Various utilities from coreboot project
corrida -- Application for archivation of meteor observations
cross-binutils -- Cross-compilation binutils
cross-gcc -- Cross-compilation gcc set
dissy -- Graphical frontend to the objdump disassembler
earcandy -- Sound level manager
enchant -- An Enchanting Spell Checking Library
erlang-epgsql -- Erlang PostgreSQL Database Client
erlang-erlsom -- Support for XML Schema in Erlang
erlang-ibrowse -- Erlang HTTP client
erlang-jiffy -- Erlang JSON parser
erlang-meck -- A mocking library for Erlang
erlang-xmlrpc -- HTTP 1.1 compliant XML-RPC library for Erlang
extra-cmake-modules -- Extra modules for cmake from KDE
extrema -- Extrema is a powerful visualization and data analysis tool
eyesight -- Hawaii desktop image viewer
ezmorph -- Object transformation library for Java
fakeroot -- Gives a fake root environment
fftw2 -- Fast Fourier Transform library
fluid -- Library for fluid and dynamic applications development with QtQuick
flumotion -- Streaming Server based on GStreamer and Twisted
fusecompress -- FUSE based compressed filesystem implementation
gant -- Groovy-based build system that uses Ant tasks
gitolite3 -- Highly flexible server for git directory version tracker
gooddata-cl -- GoodData Integration toolkit
greenisland -- Compositor and shell for the Hawaii desktop environment
grep -- Pattern matching utilities
grub2 -- Bootloader with support for Linux, Multiboot and more
gstreamer-plugins-pulse -- GStreamer 0.10 plugin for the PulseAudio sound server
hawaii-icon-theme -- Icon themes for Hawaii desktop environment
hawaii-shell -- Hawaii shell for desktop, netbook and tablet
hawaii-widget-styles -- Styles for applications using QtQuick Controls
hydrogen -- Advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux
inkscape -- Vector-based drawing program using SVG
insight -- Graphical debugger based on GDB
intellij-idea -- IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition IDE
ircp-tray -- Infrared file transfer applet for GNOME panel
isync -- Tool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes
java-1.6.0-openjdk -- OpenJDK Runtime Environment
jfreechart -- Java chart library
jgraph -- Java-based Diagram Component and Editor
jsl -- Check JavaScript code for common mistakes
jython -- A Java implementation of the Python language
kBuild -- A cross-platform build environment
kdeedu -- Educational/Edutainment applications
koules -- Action game with multiplayer, network and sound support
libatomic_ops -- Atomic memory update operations
libclaw -- C++ Library Absolutely Wonderful
libffi -- A portable foreign function interface library
libfli -- Library for FLI CCD Camera & Filter Wheels
libgda -- Library for writing gnome database programs
liblrdf -- Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins
liboping -- C library to generate ICMP echo requests
libqtxdg -- Qt implementation of desktop specifications
libsamplerate -- Sample rate conversion library for audio data
libscigraphica -- A library of gtk+ widgets for SciGraphica
links -- Web browser running in both graphics and text mode
loudmouth -- XMPP/Jabber C programming library
lsyncd -- File change monitoring and synchronization daemon
lua-rex -- Regular expression handling library for Lua
maven-embedder -- The Maven Embedder is used by the Maven CLI, by IDE integration and others.
maven-enforcer-rule-api -- Generic interfaces needed to implement custom rules for the maven-enforcer-plugin.
mdbtools -- Access data stored in Microsoft Access databases
meld -- Visual diff and merge tool
minicom -- A text-based modem control and terminal emulation program
mod_python -- An embedded Python interpreter for the Apache HTTP Server
mon -- General-purpose resource monitoring system
munipack -- The C-Munipack is an astrophotometry software package
netbsd-iscsi -- User-space implementation of iSCSI target from NetBSD project
nightview -- A general astronomical software package to control of a CCD camera
nss-mdns -- glibc plugin for .local name resolution
opengrok -- Source browser and indexer
openssh -- An open source implementation of SSH protocol versions 1 and 2
opticalraytracer -- Utility that analyzes systems of lenses
orsa -- Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis
pcre -- Perl-compatible regular expression library
perl-Algorithm-Dependency -- Algorithmic framework for implementing dependency trees
perl-Authen-Captcha -- Perl extension for creating captchas
perl-CSS-Tiny -- Read/Write .css files with as little code as possible
perl-Class-Autouse -- Run-time class loading on first method call
perl-Config-General -- Generic configuration module for Perl
perl-Contextual-Return -- Create context-senstive return values
perl-Convert-BER -- ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules
perl-Convert-UU -- Perl module for uuencode and uudecode
perl-DBD-Mock -- Mock database driver for testing
perl-DBD-ODBC -- ODBC Driver for DBI
perl-Data-HexDump-XXD -- Format hexadecimal dump like xxd
perl-DateTime-Format-HTTP -- HTTP protocol date conversion routines
perl-DateTime-Format-IBeat -- Format times in .beat notation
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