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BareBonesBrowserLaunch -- Simple library to launch a browser window from Java
GMT -- Generic Mapping Tools
GMT-coastlines -- Coastline data for GMT
Mayavi -- The Mayavi scientific data 3-dimensional visualizer
MySQL-zrm -- MySQL backup manager
R-TH-data -- Data for other R packages
R-car -- Companion to Applied Regression package for R
R-lmtest -- Testing Linear Regression Models for R
R-multcomp -- Simultaneous inference for general linear hypotheses R Package
R-mvtnorm -- Multivariate normal and T distribution R Package
R-systemfit -- Simultaneous Equation Estimation R Package
R-zoo -- Z's ordered observations for irregular time series
StarCluster -- Tool for managing computing clusters hosted on Amazon's EC2
Xaw3d -- A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X
abi-compliance-checker -- An ABI Compliance Checker
agg -- Anti-Grain Geometry graphical rendering engine
ant-antunit -- Provide antunit ant task
ant-contrib -- Collection of tasks for Ant
apache-commons-jexl -- Java Expression Language (JEXL)
apache-ivy -- Java-based dependency manager
apache-poi -- The Java API for Microsoft Documents
apache-rat -- Apache Release Audit Tool (RAT)
asm2 -- A code manipulation tool to implement adaptable systems
ast -- A Library for Handling World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy
bes -- Back-end server software framework for OPeNDAP
cargo-parent -- Parent pom file for project
cfitsio -- Library for manipulating FITS data files
cmake -- Cross-platform make system
codehaus-parent -- Parent pom file for codehaus project
cube -- CUBE Uniform Behavioral Encoding generic presentation component
cups-x2go -- CUPS backend for printing from X2Go
dap-freeform_handler -- FreeForm data handler for the OPeNDAP Data server
dap-hdf4_handler -- HDF4 data handler for the OPeNDAP Data server
dap-netcdf_handler -- NetCDF 3 data handler for the OPeNDAP Data server
dap-server -- Basic request handling for OPeNDAP servers
dcw-gmt -- Digital Chart of the World (DCW) for GMT
double-conversion -- Library providing binary-decimal and decimal-binary routines for IEEE doubles
dyninst -- An API for Run-time Code Generation
eclipse-cdt -- Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) plugin
eclipse-photran -- Eclipse Fortran Development Tools (Photran) plugin
eclipse-ptp -- Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform
environment-modules -- Provides dynamic modification of a user's environment
epson-inkjet-printer-escpr -- Drivers for Epson inkjet printers
fail2ban -- Ban IPs that make too many password failures
flow-tools -- Tool set for working with NetFlow data
fontbox -- Java library for working with PDF fonts
freefont -- Free UCS Outline Fonts
ftnchek -- Static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs
g2clib -- GRIB2 encoder/decoder and search/indexing routines in C
garcon -- Implementation of the menu specification
gdal -- GIS file format library
gdisk -- An fdisk-like partitioning tool for GPT disks
gdl -- GNU Data Language
gifsicle -- Powerful program for manipulating GIF images and animations
glew -- The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
gnuplot -- A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data
grib_api -- WMO FM-92 GRIB (v1,v2) interface accessible from C and FORTRAN programs
gridengine -- Grid Engine - Distributed Computing Management software
gshhg-gmt-nc4 -- Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Geography (GSHHG)
gsl -- The GNU Scientific Library for numerical analysis
guessencoding -- Guess encoding of files and return configured reader
gv -- A X front-end for the Ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter
hdf -- A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data
hdf5 -- A general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data
ipython -- An enhanced interactive Python shell
irrlicht -- A high performance realtime 3D engine
itcl -- Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk
itk -- Object oriented extensions to Tk
iwidgets -- A set of useful widgets based on itcl and itk
java-sleep -- Multi-paradigm scripting language for Java
javatar -- Java tar archive io package
jchardet -- Automatic charset detection algorithm
jempbox -- Java library for working with XMP metadata
jericho-html -- Java library allowing analysis and manipulation of parts of an HTML document
jilter -- Sendmail milter protocol for Java
jtnef -- Java TNEF package
kdesvn -- A subversion client for KDE4 with KIO integration
kompose -- Provides a full screen view of all open windows
ksynaptics -- KDE configuration for synaptics module
lasi -- C++ library for creating Postscript documents
latex2emf -- Create an EMF file from LaTeX source
leafpad -- GTK+ based simple text editor
libaesgm -- Library implementation of AES (Rijndael) cryptographic methods
libdap -- The C++ DAP2 library from OPeNDAP
libdwarf -- Library to access the DWARF Debugging file format
libsynaptics -- Synaptics touchpad driver library
libxfce4ui -- Commonly used Xfce widgets
logback -- A Java logging library
man2html -- Convert man pages to HTML
maven-ant-tasks -- Allow Maven artifact handling features to be used from within an Ant build
moconti -- Web Application Server for Sleep
mod_xsendfile -- Apache module to send files efficiently
mpich2 -- A high-performance implementation of MPI
ncarg -- A Fortran and C based software package for scientific visualization
ncl -- NCAR Command Language and NCAR Graphics
nco -- Suite of programs for manipulating NetCDF/HDF4 files
ncview -- A visual browser for netCDF format files
netcdf -- Libraries for the Unidata network Common Data Form
netcdf-cxx -- Legacy netCDF C++ library
netcdf-cxx4 -- NetCDF-4 C++ library
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