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drupal6 -- An open-source content-management platform
drupal6-admin_menu -- Theme-independent administration interface for Drupal 6
drupal6-authfas -- Drupal 6 module for authentication via a Fedora Account System
drupal6-auto_nodetitle -- "auto_nodetitle" is a small and efficient module that allows hiding of the content title
drupal6-backup_migrate -- Database backup, restore, and migrate module for Drupal 6
drupal6-diff -- Show diff-type changes in Drupal 6
drupal6-features -- The features module enables the capture and management of features in Drupal. A feature is a collection of Drupal entities which taken together satisfy a certain use-case.
drupal6-features_extra -- Features Extra provides faux exportables (via Features) of several site-building components.
drupal6-feeds -- An import and aggregation framework for Drupal.
drupal6-filefield -- Defines a file field type in Drupal.
drupal6-image -- Allows uploading, resizing, and viewing of images in Drupal.
drupal6-login_destination -- Customize login landing page in Drupal 6
drupal6-mobile_tools -- The Mobile Tools module provides some tools to assist in making a site mobile
drupal6-strongarm -- Strongarm gives a way to override the default variable values.
drupal6-theme-ninesixty -- Ninesixty theme for Drupal 6
drupal6-token -- Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents
drupal6-views -- Provides a method for site designers to control content presentation
drupal7 -- An open-source content-management platform
drupal7-advanced_help -- Allows module developers to store their help outside the module system in html
drupal7-auto_nodetitle -- A small and efficient module that allows hiding of the content title
drupal7-backup_migrate -- Backup and Migrate simplifies the task of backing up and restoring your Drupal database or copying your database from one Drupal site to another.
drupal7-calendar -- This module will display any Views date field in calendar formats
drupal7-diff -- Show diff-type changes in Drupal 7
drupal7-features -- Provides feature management for Drupal
drupal7-feeds -- An import and aggregation framework for Drupal
drupal7-flexifilter -- Allows non-admins to create their own, configurable custom filters
drupal7-footnotes -- Allows to easily create automatically numbered footnote references
drupal7-i18n -- This is a collection of modules to extend Drupal core multilingual capabilities and be able to build real life multilingual sites.
drupal7-job_scheduler -- Simple API for scheduling tasks
drupal7-login_destination -- Customize login landing page in Drupal 7
drupal7-pathauto -- Automatically generates path aliases
drupal7-strongarm -- Strongarm gives a way to override the default variable values
drupal7-theme-adaptivetheme -- Adaptivetheme is a powerful theme framework
drupal7-theme-ninesixty -- Ninesixty theme for Drupal 7
drupal7-token -- Tokens are small bits of text that can be placed into larger documents
drupal7-views_bulk_operations -- This module augments Views by allowing bulk operations to be executed
foremost -- Recover files by "carving" them from a raw disk
nautilus-open-terminal -- Nautilus extension for an open terminal shortcut
nautilus-search-tool -- A Nautilus extension that makes searching for files easier
nautilus-sendto -- Nautilus context menu for sending files
notify-python -- Python bindings for libnotify
odfpy -- Python library for manipulating OpenDocument files
opal -- Open Phone Abstraction Library
perl-PatchReader -- Utilities to read and manipulate patches and CVS
php-LightweightPicasaAPI -- A lightweight API for Picasa in PHP
php-phpSmug -- PHP wrapper for the SmugMug API
pinpoint -- A tool for making hackers do excellent presentations
pioneers -- Turnbased board strategy game (colonize an island)
pulsecaster -- A PulseAudio-based podcast recorder
python-babel-BabelGladeExtractor -- A Babel extractor plug-in which extracts translatable messages
python-mwlib -- MediaWiki conversion library for Python
transifex-client -- Command line tool for Transifex translation management
xmlstarlet -- Command Line XML Toolkit
zikula -- Zikula is a free open source Web Application Framework
zikula-module-News -- Manages news articles on your Zikula site