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aldusleaf-crimson-text-fonts -- A latin font for the production of technical books and papers
almas-mongolian-title-fonts -- Mongolian Title font
asana-math-fonts -- An OpenType font with a MATH table
aspell-bn -- GNU Aspell Bengali Dictionary Package
aspell-gu -- GNU Aspell Gujarati Dictionary Package
aspell-hi -- GNU Aspell Hindi Dictionary Package
aspell-ml -- GNU Aspell Malayalam Dictionary Package
aspell-mr -- GNU Aspell Marathi Dictionary Package
aspell-or -- GNU Aspell Oriya Dictionary Package
aspell-ta -- GNU Aspell Tamil Dictionary Package
bitmap-fonts -- Selected set of bitmap fonts
brettfont-fonts -- A handwriting font
caribou -- text entry application
cf-sorts-mill-goudy-fonts -- Goudy Oldstyle and Italic fonts
dnf -- Package manager forked from Yum, using libsolv as a dependency resolver
dnf-plugins-core -- Core Plugins for DNF
fcitx-ui-light -- Light UI for Fcitx
fntsample -- A program for making font samples that show Unicode coverage of the font
fontconfig -- Font configuration and customization library
fontforge -- Outline and bitmap font editor
fontmatrix -- A fonts manager
fonttools -- A tool to convert True/OpenType fonts to XML and back
glyphtracer -- Program for creating fonts from images
gnome-settings-daemon -- The daemon sharing settings from GNOME to GTK+/KDE applications
gnome-shell-extension-iok -- gnome-shell extension for iok application
google-croscore-fonts -- The width-compatible fonts for improved on-screen readability
google-crosextra-caladea-fonts -- Sans-serif font metric-compatible with Cambria font
google-crosextra-carlito-fonts -- Sans-serif font metric-compatible with Calibri font
google-phetsarath-fonts -- The font for the Lao language
harfbuzz -- Text shaping library
hunspell-as -- Assamese hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-bn -- Bengali hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-gu -- Gujarati hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-hi -- Hindi hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-kn -- Kannada Hunspell Dictionary
hunspell-mai -- Maithili hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-ml -- Malayalam hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-mr -- Marathi hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-ne -- Nepali hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-or -- Oriya hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-pa -- Punjabi hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-si -- Sinhala hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-ta -- Tamil hunspell dictionaries
hunspell-te -- Telugu hunspell dictionaries
hyphen-as -- Assamese hyphenation rules
hyphen-bn -- Bengali hyphenation rules
hyphen-gu -- Gujarati hyphenation rules
hyphen-hi -- Hindi hyphenation rules
hyphen-kn -- Kannada hyphenation rules
hyphen-ml -- Malayalam hyphenation rules
hyphen-mr -- Marathi hyphenation rules
hyphen-or -- Oriya hyphenation rules
hyphen-pa -- Punjabi hyphenation rules
hyphen-sa -- Sanskrit hyphenation rules
hyphen-ta -- Tamil hyphenation rules
hyphen-te -- Telugu hyphenation rules
icelandic-fonts -- Icelandic Magical Staves
impallari-lobster-fonts -- Hand written font with various ligatures for better connecting of letters
iok -- Indic Onscreen Virtual Keyboard
iso-codes -- ISO code lists and translations
iso8859-2-fonts -- Central European language fonts for the X Window System
jomolhari-fonts -- Jomolhari a Bhutanese style font for Tibetan and Dzongkha
khmeros-fonts -- Khmer font set created by Danh Hong of the Cambodian Open Institute
kurdit-unikurd-web-fonts -- A widely used Kurdish font for Arabic-like scripts and Latin
libsolv -- Package dependency solver
libspiro -- Library to simplify the drawing of beautiful curves
libuninameslist -- A library providing Unicode character names and annotations
lklug-fonts -- Fonts for Sinhala language
m17n-contrib -- Contributed multilingualization datafiles for m17n-lib
m17n-db -- Multilingualization datafiles for m17n-lib
m17n-lib -- Multilingual text library
madan-fonts -- Font for Nepali language
moyogo-molengo-fonts -- A Latin typeface for documents
mph-2b-damase-fonts -- Free font encoding many non-Latin scripts
myanmar3-unicode-fonts -- Myanmar3 unicode font
oflb-asana-math-fonts -- An OpenType font with a MATH table
oflb-brett-fonts -- A handwriting font
oflb-icelandic-fonts -- Icelandic Magical Staves
oflb-roadstencil-fonts -- Roadstencil Fonts
oflb-sportrop-fonts -- A multiline decorative font
pagul-fonts -- Font for Saurashtra script
pangox-compat -- Compatibility library for pangox
paratype-pt-sans-fonts -- A pan-Cyrillic typeface
perl-Lingua-EN-Alphabet-Shaw -- Transliterate the Latin to Shavian alphabets
perl-Pod-Plainer -- Perl extension for converting Pod to old-style Pod
python-compositor -- A simple OpenType GSUB and GPOS engine
python-fontMath -- A set of objects for performing math operations on font data
python-robofab -- Reads and writes UFO font files
python-ufo2fdk -- A bridge between UFOs and the AFKDO
redhat-lsb -- LSB support for Red Hat Linux
roadstencil-fonts -- Roadstencil Fonts
saab-fonts -- Punjabi OTF fonts
sarai-fonts -- Free Sarai Hindi Truetype Font
scholarsfonts-cardo-fonts -- This is designed for classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, linguists
scim-m17n -- SCIM IMEngine for m17n-lib
sfntly -- A Library for Using, Editing, and Creating SFNT-based Fonts
sil-abyssinica-fonts -- SIL Abyssinica fonts
sil-padauk-fonts -- Padauk font for Burmese and the Myanmar script
sportrop-fonts -- A multiline decorative font
stardict-dic-hi -- Hindi dictionary for stardict
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