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ckeditor -- WYSIWYG text editor to be used inside web pages
cups-pdf -- Extension for creating pdf-Files with CUPS
diffmark -- XML diff and merge
firefox -- Mozilla Firefox Web browser
fusioninventory-agent -- FusionInventory agent
gd -- A graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images
glpi -- Free IT asset management software
glpi-data-injection -- Plugin for importing data into GLPI
glpi-mass-ocs-import -- GLPI Plugin for OCS Massive import
glpi-pdf -- GLPI Plugin to print PDF of computers
gmusicbrowser -- Jukebox for large collections of music files
json-c -- A JSON implementation in C
libmcrypt -- Encryption algorithms library
libmemcached -- Client library and command line tools for memcached server
librabbitmq -- Client library and command line tools for AMPQ
libx86 -- Library for making real-mode x86 calls
libzip -- C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
monitor-edid -- Tool for probing and parsing monitor EDID
mysql++ -- C++ wrapper for the MySQL C API
mysql-connector-c++ -- MySQL database connector for C++
mysql-connector-python -- MySQL Connector/Python
mysql-utilities -- MySQL Utilities
mysql-workbench -- A MySQL visual database modeling, administration and querying tool
ocsinventory -- Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation
ocsinventory-agent -- Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation client
ocsinventory-ipdiscover -- Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation client
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP -- Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client
perl-Apache-DBI -- Persistent database connections with Apache/mod_perl
perl-Apache2-SOAP -- A replacement for Apache::SOAP designed to work with mod_perl 2
perl-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-ESX -- vCenter/ESX/ESXi remote inventory for FusionInventory Agent
perl-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-NetDiscovery -- Network discovery support for FusionInventory Agent
perl-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-OcsDeploy -- OCS Inventory NG Software deployment support for FusionInventory Agent
perl-FusionInventory-Agent-Task-SNMPQuery -- SNMP Query support for FusionInventory Agent
perl-Gtk2-WebKit -- Web content engine library for Gtk2
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen -- Authentication plugin for HTTP::Server::Simple
perl-Net-CUPS -- Perl bindings to the CUPS C API Interface
perl-Net-NBName -- NetBIOS Name Service Requests
perl-Net-SSLGlue -- Add/extend SSL support for common perl module
perl-POE-Component-Client-DNS -- Non-blocking/concurrent DNS queries using Net::DNS and POE
perl-POE-Component-Client-HTTP -- A non-blocking/parallel web requests engine for POE
perl-POE-Component-Client-Keepalive -- Manages and keeps alive client connections
perl-POE-Component-Client-Ping -- Non-blocking ICMP ping client
perl-Parallel-ForkManager -- Simple parallel processing fork manager
perl-Proc-Daemon -- Run Perl program as a daemon process
perl-Proc-PID-File -- Module to manage process id files
perl-Test-POE-Server-TCP -- POE Component providing TCP server services for test cases
perl-XML-Entities -- Decode strings with XML entities
php -- PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
php-PHP-CSS-Parser -- A Parser for CSS Files
php-PHPMailer -- PHP email transport class with a lot of features
php-ZendFramework -- Leading open-source PHP framework
php-ZendFramework2 -- Zend Framework 2
php-bartlett-PHP-CompatInfo -- Find out version and the extensions required for a piece of code to run
php-bartlett-PHP-Reflect -- Adds the ability to reverse-engineer PHP
php-channel-bartlett -- Adds bartlett channel to PEAR
php-channel-horde -- Adds channel to PEAR
php-channel-nrk -- Adds channel to PEAR
php-channel-phpunit -- Adds phpunit channel to PEAR
php-channel-symfony -- Adds symfony project channel to PEAR
php-channel-theseer -- Adds theseer channel to PEAR
php-domxml-php4-php5 -- XML transition from PHP4 domxml to PHP5 dom module
php-extras -- Additional PHP modules from the standard PHP distribution
php-ezc-Graph -- A component for creating charts, graphs and diagrams
php-horde-Horde-Alarm -- Horde Alarm Libraries
php-horde-Horde-Argv -- Horde command-line argument parsing package
php-horde-Horde-Auth -- Horde Authentication API
php-horde-Horde-Autoloader -- Autoload implementation and class loading manager for Horde
php-horde-Horde-Browser -- The Horde_Browser class provides an API for getting information about the current user's browser and its capabilities
php-horde-Horde-Cache -- This package provides a simple, functional caching API for Horde
php-horde-Horde-Cli -- API for basic command-line functionality/checks
php-horde-Horde-Compress -- An API for various compression techniques
php-horde-Horde-Compress-Fast -- Fast Compression Library
php-horde-Horde-Constraint -- A programmatic way of building constraints that evaluate to true or false
php-horde-Horde-Controller -- The controller part of an MVC system for Horde
php-horde-Horde-Core -- Horde Core Framework libraries
php-horde-Horde-Crypt -- Horde Cryptography API
php-horde-Horde-Crypt-Blowfish -- Blowfish Encryption Library
php-horde-Horde-Css-Parser -- Horde CSS Parser
php-horde-Horde-Data -- Horde Data API
php-horde-Horde-Date -- Package for creating and manipulating dates in Horde
php-horde-Horde-Date-Parser -- Horde Date Parser
php-horde-Horde-Dav -- Horde library for WebDAV, CalDAV, CardDAV
php-horde-Horde-Db -- Horde database/SQL abstraction layer
php-horde-Horde-Editor -- Horde Editor API
php-horde-Horde-ElasticSearch -- Horde ElasticSearch client
php-horde-Horde-Exception -- Provides the default exception handlers for the Horde Application Framework
php-horde-Horde-Feed -- Horde Feed libraries
php-horde-Horde-Form -- Horde Form API
php-horde-Horde-Group -- Package for managing and accessing the Horde groups system
php-horde-Horde-HashTable -- Horde Hash Table Interface
php-horde-Horde-History -- API for tracking the history of an object
php-horde-Horde-Http -- This package provides a set of classes for making HTTP requests.
php-horde-Horde-Icalendar -- Horde iCalendar API
php-horde-Horde-Image -- Horde Image API
php-horde-Horde-Imap-Client -- Horde IMAP abstraction interface
php-horde-Horde-Imsp -- IMSP API
php-horde-Horde-Injector -- Horde dependency injection container
php-horde-Horde-Itip -- iTip invitation response handling
php-horde-Horde-Kolab-Format -- A package for reading/writing Kolab data
php-horde-Horde-Kolab-Server -- A package for manipulating the Kolab user database
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