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Only packages with these acls:
0install -- A decentralized cross-distribution software installation system
Falcon -- The Falcon Programming Language
bamf -- Application matching framework
bigloo -- Bigloo is compiler for the Scheme programming language
bti -- Bash Twitter/ Idiocy
clojure -- A dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine
clojure-contrib -- User contributions library for Clojure
clojure-maven-plugin -- Clojure plugin for Maven
clucy -- Clojure interface to Lucene
cmdtest -- Black-box testing for Unix command line tools
cpdup -- Filesystem mirroring utility
cvsps -- Patchset tool for CVS
dataquay -- Simple RDF for C++ and Qt applications
ease -- GNOME desktop presentation application
emacs-apel -- A Portable Emacs Library
emacs-auto-complete -- Intelligent auto-complete extension for GNU Emacs
emacs-common-w3m -- W3m interface for Emacsen
emacs-rpm-spec-mode -- Major GNU Emacs mode for editing RPM spec files
emacs-slime -- The superior lisp interaction mode for emacs
fbreader -- E-book reader
flim -- Basic library for handling email messages for Emacs
fontpackages -- Common directory and macro definitions used by font packages
fribidi -- Library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
gamazons -- GNOME Amazons
gambit-c -- Gambit-C Scheme programming system
gdata-sharp -- .NET library for the Google Data API
gedit-valencia -- A gedit plugin providing lightweight Vala IDE
genbackupdata -- A program to generate test data for testing backup software
ghc-language-c -- Haskell library for C code analysis and generation
gnome-common -- Useful things common to building gnome packages from scratch
gnome-js-common -- Common modules for GNOME JavaScript interpreters
gnome-keyring-sharp -- Mono implementation of GNOME Keyring
gnugo -- Text based go program
grhino -- Reversi game for GNOME, supporting the Go/Game Text Protocol
gtksourcecompletion -- Completion support for GtkSourceView
hop -- A web development kit
ikarus -- An incremental optimizing compiler for R6RS Scheme
leiningen -- Clojure project automation tool
libfishsound -- Simple programming interface for Xiph.Org codecs
libgee -- GObject collection library
libgee06 -- GObject collection library
liblinebreak -- A Unicode line-breaking library
liblo -- Open Sound Control library
liboauth -- OAuth library functions
liboggz -- Simple programming interface for Ogg files and streams
libtaginfo -- A library for reading media metadata (tags)
lua-alt-getopt -- Argument processing module for Lua
lua-inotify -- Inotify bindings for Lua
lua-json -- JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua
lua-loop -- Class models for Lua
lua-lunit -- Unit testing framework for Lua
lua-moonscript -- A little language that compiles to Lua
luarocks -- A deployment and management system for Lua modules
nickle -- A programming language-based prototyping environment
obnam -- An easy, secure backup program
ocaml-biniou -- Safe and fast binary data format
ocaml-cppo -- Equivalent of the C preprocessor for OCaml programs
ocaml-easy-format -- High-level and functional interface to the Format module
ocaml-xmlm -- A streaming XML codec
ocaml-yojson -- An optimized parsing and printing library for the JSON format
odt2txt -- Converts an OpenDocument to plain text
oflb-smonohand-fonts -- A handwritten monospace font
pdfjam -- Utilities for join, rotate and align PDFs
pure -- The Pure programming language
pure-gen -- A Pure C bindings generator
python-blist -- A faster list implementation for Python
python-cliapp -- Python framework for Unix command line programs
python-coverage-test-runner -- Python module for enforcing code coverage completeness
python-larch -- Python B-tree library
python-qrcode -- Python QR Code image generator
python-sphinx -- Python documentation generator
python-sphinx10 -- Python documentation generator
python-testtools -- Extensions to the Python unit testing framework
python-tracing -- Python debug logging helper
python-ttystatus -- Progress and status updates on terminals for Python
python26-psutil -- A process utilities module for Python
quarry -- A multi-purpose board game GUI
rlwrap -- Wrapper for GNU readline
robert-hooke -- Extension mechanism for Clojure functions
rubberband -- Audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library
scheme2js -- Scheme to JavaScript compiler
seed -- GNOME JavaScript interpreter
seivot -- Benchmarking tool for backup programs
sonic-visualiser -- A program for viewing and exploring audio data
spicctrl -- Sony Vaio laptop SPIC control program
stow -- Manage the installation of software packages from source
summain -- File manifest generator
typespeed -- Test your typing speed and get your fingers' CPS
unison -- File-synchronization tool
vala -- A modern programming language for GNOME
vala-compat -- Compatibility version of the Vala compiler
vamp-plugin-sdk -- An API for audio analysis and feature extraction plugins
xbacklight -- Adjust backlight brightness using RandR
xnoise -- Tracklist-centric Media Player
zeroinstall-injector -- The Zero Install Injector (0launch)