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Only packages with these acls:
abcde -- A Better CD Encoder
bash-completion -- Programmable completion for Bash
ccache -- C/C++ compiler cache
cd-discid -- Utility to get CDDB discid information
colordiff -- Color terminal highlighter for diff files
dvdauthor -- Command line DVD authoring tool
git-bz -- Command line integration of git with Bugzilla
gkrellm -- Multiple stacked system monitors in one process
html401-dtds -- HTML 4.01 document type definitions
javasqlite -- SQLite Java Wrapper/JDBC Driver
jing-trang -- Schema validation and conversion based on RELAX NG
kid3 -- Efficient ID3 tag editor
libmodplug -- Modplug mod music file format library
mailcap -- Associates helper applications with particular file types
mbox2eml -- Split mbox mailboxes into single .eml files
modplugtools -- Command line mod music players
netmask -- Utility for determining network masks
optipng -- PNG optimizer and converter
portecle -- Multipurpose keystore and certificate tool
pyflakes -- A Lint-like tool for Python
reptyr -- Attach a running process to a new terminal
rpmdevtools -- RPM Development Tools
rpmlint -- Tool for checking common errors in RPM packages
tomcat-native -- Tomcat native library
vdr -- Video Disk Recorder
vdr-epgsearch -- Powerful schedules menu replacement plugin for VDR
vdr-femon -- DVB frontend status monitor plugin for VDR
vdr-osdteletext -- OSD teletext plugin for VDR
vdr-remote -- Extended remote control plugin for VDR
vdr-sudoku -- Sudoku plugin for VDR
vdr-ttxtsubs -- Teletext subtitles plugin for VDR
vdrsymbol-fonts -- Fonts for use with VDR plugins and patches
xhtml1-dtds -- XHTML 1.0 document type definitions