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SimplyHTML -- Application and a java component for rich text processing
access-modifier-annotation -- Java annotation for custom access modifiers
acegisecurity -- Java/J2EE application security framework
aether -- Sonatype library to resolve, install and deploy artifacts the Maven way
aether-ant-tasks -- Ant tasks using Aether to resolve, install and deploy artifacts
akuma -- Embeddable daemonization library for Java
animal-sniffer -- Tools to assist verifying backward compatibility of Java classes
annotation-indexer -- Jenkins annotation-indexer library
ant-contrib -- Collection of tasks for Ant
antlr3 -- ANother Tool for Language Recognition
aopalliance -- Java/J2E AOP standards
apache-commons-beanutils -- Java utility methods for accessing and modifying properties of arbitrary JavaBeans
apache-commons-collections4 -- Extension of the Java Collections Framework
apache-commons-compress -- Java API for working with tar, zip and bzip2 files
apache-commons-configuration -- Apache Commons Configuration
apache-commons-csv -- Java utilities to assist with handling of CSV files
apache-commons-daemon -- Defines API to support an alternative invocation mechanism
apache-commons-discovery -- Apache Commons Discovery
apache-commons-el -- The Apache Commons Extension Language
apache-commons-fileupload -- This package makes it easy to add robust, high-performance, file upload capability to your servlets and web applications.
apache-commons-io -- Java utilities to assist with developing IO functionality
apache-commons-jxpath -- Simple XPath interpreter
apache-commons-lang -- Provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API
apache-commons-lang3 -- Provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API
apache-james-project -- Main project POM files and resources
apache-parent -- Parent pom file for Apache projects
apache-resource-bundles -- Apache JAR resource bundle
asciidoc -- Text based document generation
async-http-client -- Asynchronous Http Client for Java
atinject -- Dependency injection specification for Java (JSR-330)
avalon-framework -- Java components interfaces
avalon-logkit -- Java logging toolkit
awesome -- Highly configurable, framework window manager for X. Fast, light and extensible
bcel -- Byte Code Engineering Library
bridge-method-injector -- Evolve Java classes without breaking compatibility
bsf -- Bean Scripting Framework
bytecode-compatibility-transformer -- Evolve modular codebase without losing compatibility
checkstyle -- Java source code checker
cobertura-maven-plugin -- Features of Cobertura within Maven
constant-pool-scanner -- Java constant pool scanner
decentxml -- XML parser optimized for round-tripping and code reuse
easymock3 -- Easy mock objects
eclipse-m2e-antlr -- M2E ANTLR connector
eclipse-m2e-buildhelper -- M2E Build Helper connector
eclipse-m2e-cxf -- M2E CXF connector
eclipse-m2e-egit -- M2E SCM Handler for EGit
eclipse-m2e-mavenarchiver -- M2E Maven Archiver connector
eclipse-m2e-mavendev -- Maven Development Tools
eclipse-m2e-modello -- M2E Modello connector
eclipse-m2e-plexus -- M2E Plexus connector
eclipse-m2e-sisu -- M2E Sisu connector
eclipse-m2e-sourcelookup -- M2E Sources Lookup
eclipse-m2e-tycho -- M2E Tycho connector
emacs-pymacs -- Emacs and Python integration framework
exec-maven-plugin -- Exec Maven Plugin
exempi -- Library for easy parsing of XMP metadata
fedora-review -- Review tool for fedora rpm packages
felix-gogo-parent -- Parent package for Felix Gogo
felix-gogo-runtime -- Community OSGi R4 Service Platform Implementation - Basic Commands
felix-gogo-shell -- Community OSGi R4 Service Platform Implementation - Basic Commands
freemind -- Free mind mapping software
gc -- A garbage collector for C and C++
geronimo-jaspic-spec -- Java Authentication SPI for Containers
geronimo-jms -- J2EE JMS v1.1 API
geronimo-jpa -- Geronimo Java persistence API
geronimo-jta -- J2EE JTA v1.1 API
geronimo-parent-poms -- Parent POM files for geronimo-specs
glassfish-el-api -- J2EE Expression Language API
glassfish-jsp -- Glassfish J2EE JSP API implementation
glassfish-jsp-api -- Glassfish J2EE JSP API specification
google-guice -- Lightweight dependency injection framework
hsqldb -- Hsqldb Database Engine
httpcomponents-client -- HTTP agent implementation based on httpcomponents HttpCore
httpcomponents-core -- Set of low level Java HTTP transport components for HTTP services
httpcomponents-project -- Common POM file for HttpComponents
infomas-asl -- Java annotation scanner
jakarta-commons-httpclient -- Jakarta Commons HTTPClient implements the client side of HTTP standards
javapackages-tools -- Fedora macros and scripts for Java packaging support
javassist -- The Java Programming Assistant provides simple Java bytecode manipulation
jaxen -- An XPath engine written in Java
jenkins-commons-jelly -- Open and customizable XML processing engine
jenkins-credentials-plugin -- Jenkins Credentials Plugin
jenkins-crypto-util -- Jenkins crypto-util library
jenkins-executable-war -- Jenkins Executable War
jenkins-extras-memory-monitor -- Java library for monitoring memory/swap usage
jenkins-mailer-plugin -- Jenkins Mailer Plugin
jenkins-remoting -- Jenkins remoting module
jenkins-ssh-cli-auth -- Jenkins SSH CLI client authenticator
jenkins-ssh-credentials-plugin -- Jenkins SSH Credentials Plugin
jenkins-ssh-slaves-plugin -- Jenkins SSH Slaves Plugin
jenkins-sshd -- Jenkins sshd module
jenkins-task-reactor -- Jenkins task-reactor library
jenkins-version-number -- Version number manipulation library for Java
jetty -- The Jetty Webserver and Servlet Container
jetty-artifact-remote-resources -- Jetty toolchain artifact remote resources
jetty-assembly-descriptors -- Jetty assembly descriptors used for building Jetty
jetty-build-support -- Jetty build support files
jetty-distribution-remote-resources -- Jetty toolchain artifact for distribution remote resources
jetty-parent -- Jetty parent POM file
jetty-schemas -- XML schemas for Jetty
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