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apache-commons-beanutils -- Java utility methods for accessing and modifying properties of arbitrary JavaBeans
apache-commons-compress -- Java API for working with tar, zip and bzip2 files
apache-commons-configuration -- Apache Commons Configuration
apache-commons-csv -- Java utilities to assist with handling of CSV files
apache-commons-daemon -- Defines API to support an alternative invocation mechanism
apache-commons-discovery -- Apache Commons Discovery
apache-commons-el -- The Apache Commons Extension Language
apache-commons-fileupload -- This package makes it easy to add robust, high-performance, file upload capability to your servlets and web applications.
apache-commons-io -- Java utilities to assist with developing IO functionality
apache-commons-jxpath -- Simple XPath interpreter
apache-commons-lang -- Provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API
apache-commons-logging -- Apache Commons Logging
apache-commons-math -- Java library of lightweight mathematics and statistics components
apache-commons-net -- Internet protocol suite Java library
joda-convert -- Java library for conversion to and from standard string formats