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Only packages with these acls:
apache-commons-cli -- Command Line Interface Library for Java
apache-commons-dbcp -- Apache Commons DataBase Pooling Package
apache-commons-dbutils -- Apache Commons DbUtils Package
apache-commons-email -- Apache Commons Email Package
apache-commons-modeler -- Model MBeans utility classes
apache-commons-parent -- Apache Commons Parent Pom
apache-commons-pool -- Apache Commons Pool Package
apache-commons-validator -- Apache Commons Validator
geronimo-annotation -- Java EE: Annotation API v1.1
geronimo-ejb -- Java EE: EJB API v3.1
geronimo-interceptor -- Java EE: Interceptor API v3.0
geronimo-jaxrpc -- Java EE: Java API for XML Remote Procedure Call v1.1
geronimo-osgi-support -- OSGI spec bundle support
geronimo-saaj -- Java EE: SOAP with Attachments API Package v1.3
joda-time -- Java date and time API
jtidy -- HTML syntax checker and pretty printer
libecap -- Squid interface for embedded adaptation modules
maven-checkstyle-plugin -- Maven Checkstyle Plugin
rmic-maven-plugin -- RMI Compiler Maven Plugin