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Only packages with these acls:
NFStest -- NFS Testing Suite
acl -- Access control list utilities
cachefilesd -- CacheFiles userspace management daemon
fedfs-utils -- Utilities for mounting and managing FedFS
kernel -- The Linux kernel
libcxgb3 -- Chelsio T3 iWARP HCA Userspace Driver
libevent -- Abstract asynchronous event notification library
libgssglue -- Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface Library
libibcm -- Userspace InfiniBand Connection Manager
libibcommon -- OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand management common library
libibmad -- OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand MAD library
libibumad -- OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand umad (user MAD) library
libnfsidmap -- Library that handles mapping between names and ids for NFSv4
librdmacm -- Userspace RDMA Connection Manager
libtirpc -- Transport Independent RPC Library
nfs-utils -- NFS utilities and supporting clients and daemons for the kernel NFS server
nfs4-acl-tools -- The nfs4 ACL tools
nfsometer -- NFS Performance Framework Tool
opensm -- OpenIB InfiniBand Subnet Manager and management utilities
rdma -- Infiniband/iWARP Kernel Module Initializer
rpcbind -- Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Mapper
rusers -- Displays the users logged into machines on the local network.
wireshark -- Network traffic analyzer