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alltray -- Dock any application in the tray
aria2 -- High speed download utility with resuming and segmented downloading
askbot -- Question and Answer forum
askbot-plugin-authfas -- Askbot plugin to facilitate FAS authentication.
bcrypt -- File encryption utility
bleachbit -- Remove unnecessary files, free space, and maintain privacy
blobby -- Volley-ball game
blobwars -- Mission and Objective based 2D Platform Game
chocolate-doom -- Historically compatible Doom engine
clutter -- Open Source software library for creating rich graphical user interfaces
clutter-gst -- ClutterMedia interface to GStreamer
clutter-gtk -- A basic GTK clutter widget
cowsay -- Configurable speaking/thinking cow
cryptopp -- Public domain C++ class library of cryptographic schemes
dbench -- Filesystem load benchmarking tool
deja-dup -- Simple backup tool and frontend for duplicity
deluge -- A GTK+ BitTorrent client with support for DHT, UPnP, and PEX
django-annoying -- Eliminate annoying things in the Django framework
django-avatar -- A reusable django application for handling user avatars
django-celery -- Django Celery Integration
django-countries -- Provides a country field for Django models
django-followit -- A django app that allows users to follow django model objects
django-keyedcache -- Utilities for simplified development of cache aware objects
django-kombu -- Kombu transport using the Django database as a message store
django-picklefield -- Implementation of a pickled object field
django-pylibmc -- Django cache backend using pylibmc
django-recaptcha -- A Django application for adding ReCAPTCHA to a form
django-recaptcha-works -- Integrate the reCaptcha service
django-registration -- A user-registration application for Django
django-threaded-multihost -- Enable multi-site awareness in Django apps
duplicity -- Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using rsync algorithm
e_dbus -- Wrappers around dbus for EFL based applications
edje -- A graphical layout and animation library
eeze -- Eeze for Enlightenment manipulates devices quickly through udev.
efreet -- Implementation of several specifications from
eio -- Input Output Library for Englithenment
elementary -- Basic widget set that is easy to use based on EFL
emesene -- Instant messaging client for Windows Live Messenger (tm) network
emotion -- An Evas smart-object library providing video capabilities
enlightenment -- Highly optimized and extensible desktop shell
ethumb -- Thumbnail generation library for EFL
evas-generic-loaders -- Extra loaders for GPL loaders and unstable libraries
fpaste -- A simple tool for pasting info onto
funnel -- Handling submissions of talks and voting
gdome2 -- DOM level 2 library for accessing XML files
ghasher -- GUI hasher for GTK+ 2
gif2png -- A GIF to PNG converter
gnome-schedule -- A GTK+ based user interface for cron and at
gnome-shell-extensions -- Modify and extend GNOME Shell functionality and behavior
gtk-murrine-engine -- Murrine GTK2 engine
gtkmm24 -- C++ interface for GTK2 (a GUI library for X)
gxine -- GTK frontend for the xine multimedia library
gyachi -- A Yahoo! chat client with Webcam and voice support
hotot -- lightweight & open source micro blogging client
html2text -- HTML-to-text converter
htop -- Interactive process viewer
lastuser -- User management application
libgtkhotkey -- Platform independent hotkey handling for Gtk+ applications
libwebp -- Library and tools for the WebP graphics format
lifeograph -- Private digital diary
livecd-tools -- Tools for building live CD's
lxsplit -- File split / merge utility
nautilus-pastebin -- Nautilus extension to send files to a pastebin
netmonitor -- The free linux network bandwidth monitor
openarena -- Open source first person shooter
powertop -- Power consumption monitor
pyroom -- PyRoom is a full screen text editor and a clone of Writeroom
pystache -- Mustache for python
python-akismet -- Python interface to the Akismet anti comment-spam API
python-anyjson -- Wraps the best available JSON implementation available
python-billiard -- Multiprocessing Pool Extensions
python-blinker -- Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling
python-bottle -- Fast and simple WSGI-framework for small web-applications
python-bottle-sqlite -- SQLite3 integration for Bottle Python WSGI framework
python-coffin -- Jinja2 adapter for Django
python-dateutil15 -- Powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
python-dialog -- Python interface to the Unix dialog utility
python-django-keyedcache -- Utilities for simplified development of cache aware objects
python-flask-assets -- Asset management for flask
python-flask-lastuser -- Flask extension for LastUser
python-flask-mail -- Flask extension for sending email
python-flask-oauth -- Adds OAuth support to Flask
python-flask-openid -- OpenID support for Flask
python-flask-sqlalchemy -- Adds sqlalchemy support to flask application
python-flask-wtf -- Simple integration of Flask and WTForms
python-gdata -- A Python module for accessing online Google services
python-grapefruit -- Python module for color information
python-html5lib -- A python based HTML parser/tokenizer
python-kombu -- AMQP Messaging Framework for Python
python-lamson -- A modern Pythonic mail server
python-msgpack -- A MessagePack (de)serializer
python-oauth2 -- Python support for improved oauth
python-pip -- Pip is a replacement for easy_install
python-pylibmc -- Memcached client for Python
python-unidecode -- Python module for US-ASCII transliterations of Unicode text.
python-unittest2 -- Backport of new unittest feature for Python 2.7 to Python 2.4+
python-webassets -- Media asset management for python
python-wtforms -- Forms validation and rendering library for python
python-xkit -- A simple, transparent and easy to extend xorg parser
quilt -- Scripts for working with series of patches
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