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Only packages with these acls:
clamav-unofficial-sigs -- Scripts to download unoffical clamav signatures
dojo -- Modular JavaScript toolkit
dokuwiki -- Standards compliant simple to use wiki
dpkg -- Package maintenance system for Debian Linux
ike -- Shrew Soft VPN Client For Linux
ipplan -- Web-based IP address manager and tracker
libpuzzle -- Library to quickly find visually similar images (gif,png,jpg)
opencv -- Collection of algorithms for computer vision
php-adodb -- Active Data Objects Data Base
php-email-address-validation -- A PHP class for validating email addresses
php-facedetect -- PHP extension to access the OpenCV library
php-layers-menu -- Hierarchical PHP based DHTML menu system
php-pear-Auth_HTTP -- Class providing HTTP authentication methods
php-pear-HTML_Javascript -- Class for creating simple JS scripts
php-pear-HTML_Template_PHPLIB -- PHP template system based on preg_*
php-pecl-geoip -- Extension to map IP addresses to geographic places
php-pecl-lzf -- Extension to handle LZF de/compression
php-pecl-sphinx -- PECL extension for Sphinx SQL full-text search engine
python-PSI -- summary of package
python-anyjson -- Wraps the best available JSON implementation available
python-celery -- Distributed Task Queue
python-importlib -- Backport of importlib.import_module() from Python 2.7
python-kombu -- AMQP Messaging Framework for Python
python-msgpack -- A MessagePack (de)serializer
python-multiprocessing -- Backport of the multiprocessing package to Python 2.4 and 2.5
snmptt -- An SNMP trap handler written in Perl
spamassassin-FuzzyOcr -- Spamassassin plugin to identify image spam