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BitchX -- The Ultimate IRC client.
ConsoleKit -- System daemon for tracking users, sessions and seats
ScrollZ -- ScrollZ IRC client
TurboGears2 -- Next generation Front-to-back web development megaframework built on Pylons
atril -- MATE Document viewer
caja -- File manager for MATE desktop
caja-extensions -- Set of extensions for caja file manager
ccsm -- Plugin and configuration tool - Compiz Fusion Project
cinnamon -- Window management and application launching for GNOME
cjs -- Javascript Bindings for Cinnamon
compiz-bcop -- Compiz option code generator
compiz-fusion -- Collection of Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
compiz-fusion-extras -- Additional Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
compiz-fusion-unsupported -- Unsupported Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
compiz-manager -- A wrapper script to start compiz with proper options
compiz-plugins-extra -- Additional Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
compiz-plugins-main -- Main set of plugins for Compiz
compiz-plugins-unsupported -- Additional plugins for Compiz
cpptest -- A portable and powerful and simple unit testing framework for C++
dbus-python -- D-Bus Python Bindings
desktop-file-utils -- Utilities for manipulating .desktop files
e_dbus -- Wrappers around dbus for EFL based applications
ecore -- Event/X abstraction layer
edje -- A graphical layout and animation library
eet -- Library for speedy data storage, retrieval, and compression
eeze -- Eeze for Enlightenment manipulates devices quickly through udev.
efreet -- Implementation of several specifications from
eio -- Input Output Library for Englithenment
elementary -- Basic widget set that is easy to use based on EFL
embryo -- Easy to use library for running compiled PAWN programs
emerald -- Themeable window decorator and compositing manager for Compiz Fusion
emotion -- An Evas smart-object library providing video capabilities
engrampa -- MATE Desktop file archiver
enlightenment -- Highly optimized and extensible desktop shell
eom -- Eye of MATE image viewer
epic -- An ircII chat client
epic5 -- Enhanced Programmable ircII client
ethumb -- Thumbnail generation library for EFL
evas -- Hardware-accelerated state-aware canvas API
evas-generic-loaders -- Extra loaders for GPL loaders and unstable libraries
farstream -- Libraries for videoconferencing
fedora-release-notes -- Release Notes for Fedora
fusion-icon -- Compiz Fusion panel applet
gksu-polkit -- Command line utility to run programs as root
gmyth -- MythTV remote access libraries
gnome-rdp -- Remote Desktop Protocol client for the GNOME desktop environment
gnome-software -- gnome-software is an application that makes it easy to add, remove and update software in the GNOME desktop.
gtk-smooth-engine -- The Smooth engine for GTK+-2.0
gtk-solidity-engine -- Solidity Gtk+ theming engine
gtkperf -- GTK+ performance tester
hexchat -- GTK IRC Client
hicolor-icon-theme -- Basic requirement for icon themes
libappindicator -- Application indicators library
libcompizconfig -- Configuration backend for compiz
libeina -- A multi-platform library that provides optimized data types
libgnomecups -- GNOME library for CUPS integration
libindicator -- Shared functions for Ayatana indicators
libmatekbd -- A keyboard configuration library for MATE Desktop
libmatekeyring -- Framework for managing passwords and other
libmateweather -- Libraries to allow MATE Desktop to display weather information
libmatewnck -- Window navigator constructor kit for MATE Desktop
libnotify -- Desktop notification library
libreatlas -- Map and Geography Education tool
lightdm -- Lightweight Display Manager
lightdm-gtk -- LightDM GTK+ Greeter
marco -- MATE Desktop window manager
mate-applet-lockkeys -- MATE Keyboard LED indicator
mate-applet-softupd -- MATE Software Update Applet
mate-applets -- MATE Desktop panel applets.
mate-backgrounds -- Backgrounds for MATE Desktop
mate-bluetooth -- MATE Desktop Bluetooth plugin
mate-calc -- MATE Desktop calculator application
mate-character-map -- Unicode character picker and font browser
mate-common -- binaries for building all MATE desktop sub components
mate-control-center -- MATE Desktop control center
mate-desktop -- Shared code among mate-panel, mate-session, caja, etc
mate-dialogs -- Displays dialog boxes from shell scripts for MATE Desktop.
mate-doc-utils -- MATE Desktop doc utils
mate-document-viewer -- Document viewer
mate-file-archiver -- MATE Desktop file archiver
mate-file-manager -- File manager for MATE
mate-file-manager-image-converter -- MATE Desktop file manager image converter plugin.
mate-file-manager-open-terminal -- Mate-file-manager extension for an open terminal shortcut
mate-file-manager-sendto -- MATE Desktop file manager send to plugin.
mate-file-manager-share -- Easy sharing folder via Samba (CIFS protocol)
mate-icon-theme -- Icon theme for MATE Desktop
mate-icon-theme-faenza -- Complementary icon theme for MATE Desktop
mate-image-viewer -- Eye of MATE image viewer
mate-keyring -- Framework for managing passwords and other secrets
mate-media -- MATE media programs
mate-menu-editor -- MATE Desktop menu editor
mate-menus -- Displays menus for MATE Desktop
mate-netspeed -- MATE Desktop netspeed app
mate-notification-daemon -- Notification daemon for MATE Desktop
mate-panel -- MATE Desktop panel applets
mate-polkit -- Integrates polkit with the MATE Desktop environment
mate-power-manager -- MATE power management service
mate-screensaver -- MATE Screensaver
mate-sensors-applet -- MATE panel applet for hardware sensors
mate-session-manager -- MATE Desktop session manager
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