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Welcome to bodhi v0.9.15

Latest Updates

xen-4.5.0-3.fc22Fedora 22pendingmyoung1 hour
xen-4.4.1-13.fc21Fedora 21pendingmyoung1 hour
dogtag-pki-10.2.1-1.fc21Fedora 21pendingmharmsen1 hour
pki-console-10.2.1-1.fc21Fedora 21pendingmharmsen1 hour
pki-core-10.2.1-1.fc21Fedora 21pendingmharmsen1 hour
dogtag-pki-theme-10.2.1-1.fc21Fedora 21pendingmharmsen1 hour
varnish-4.0.3-1.el7Fedora EPEL 7pendingingvar1 hour
varnish-4.0.3-1.fc22Fedora 22pendingingvar1 hour
varnish-4.0.3-1.fc21Fedora 21pendingingvar1 hour
eclipse-webtools-3.6.3-2.fc21Fedora 21pendinggalileo2 hours

Latest Comments [more]

eclipse-4.4.2-2.fc21, eclipse-emf-2.10.2-1.fc21I did some basic usage, and everything seems to work okay. eclipse-webtools also works on top of it.galileo
poedit-1.7.4-1.fc21In order to get rid of the warnings during compilation, the following patch could be included: Fix Unix compilation warnings about WXDLLIMPEXP_*
darktable-1.6.3-1.fc21Imported a JPG from a supported camera. Added some random effects, meta-tags and then exported it. I also tried importing valid (and invalid) files from disc. Everythng went well.juliuxpigface
atomic-0-0.7.gita7ff4cb.fc22, rpm-ostree-2015.3-5.fc22Just built a local Atomic tree with this, it works.walters
network-manager-applet-, NetworkManager- here (wired), although on the machine that is using dhcp, the wired symbol in Gnome Shell sometimes shows and sometimes doesn't (been like this for a while). No idea whether that is shell's fault or of the NetworkManager.bojan