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bugfix botan-1.8.9-4.el5 bugfix update
Release: Fedora EPEL 5
Update ID: FEDORA-EPEL-2010-3292
Builds: botan-1.8.9-4.el5 (logs)
Pushed: True
Date Submitted: 2010-08-30 22:29:44
Date Released: 2010-09-01 00:40:33
Submitter: thm
Karma: 0

Update to botan 1.8.9, the latest release in the stable branch. It contains a couple of bug fixes as well security related fixes and brings some new encoder functions.

Details on what's new in this release can be found at

Furthermore, this update removes ECC, RC5, RC6 and IDEA related modules from the package.

Bugs Fixed
615372 - botan implements elliptic curve crypto
bodhi - 2010-08-30 22:29:49
This update has been submitted for testing by thm.
bodhi - 2010-09-01 01:03:09
This update has been pushed to testing
bodhi - 2010-09-15 03:09:08
This update has reached 14 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes
bodhi - 2010-09-15 19:31:35
This update has been submitted for stable by thm.
bodhi - 2010-09-16 16:29:13
This update has been pushed to stable

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