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bugfix perl-HTML-Tree-3.23-9.el5 bugfix update
Release: Fedora EPEL 5
Update ID: FEDORA-EPEL-2009-0552
Builds: perl-HTML-Tree-3.23-9.el5 (logs)
Pushed: True
Date Submitted: 2009-09-28 16:04:54
Date Released: 2009-09-29 21:37:14
Submitter: spot
Karma: 0

Fix bug where tags added to empty_element_map but which contain data are missing their close tag when generating XML.

Thanks to Jeff Fearn for identifying the problem and providing the fix.

Bugs Fixed
525587 - Close tag missing in XML output of optionally empty tags
spot - 2009-09-28 16:04:59
This update has been submitted for testing
bodhi - 2009-09-29 22:01:23
This update has been pushed to testing
spot - 2009-10-15 00:46:20
This update has been submitted for stable
bodhi - 2009-10-16 19:31:52
This update has been pushed to stable

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